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Rolling Stones

One video by this man is compared to a coffee commercial by Beavis and Butt-Head. In another video by this man, Butt-Head notes that his “bowels let loose” when he realized that a hard rock video was recorded by this man.. Snake handling is prominently featured in that video by this man, “Everybody’s Crazy.” The former leader singer of the band “Blackjack” sang “Go the Distance” for the Hercules soundtrack, and had a hit with his cover of “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.”  In one video following a solo by this man, another singer remarks that was kind of weird but we’re back in the club, and this man later states “you can call me scarface snorting mountains of cocaine”.  For 10 points, name this artist who sang “Jack Sparrow” with Lonely Island and is described as a “no -talent assclown” by his namesake in the movie Office Space.

ANSWER: Michael Bolton

Eric realized that the “Dream vs. Reality” scene in 100 Days of Summer was directly inspired by a video by this group. The insult of “Nacho Man” is used in an intro to one video for this band that includes a verbal sparring match between Pedro “Macho” Camacho and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini. The professional wrestling tag team The Dynamic Dudes used a song by this group as their entrance music. This group sang a song with a Robert Englund making a cameo as the title figure in their song “Are You Ready for Freddy” for the Nightmare on Elm Street IV soundtrack.  This group sang “All You Can Eat” inside a Sbarro during the movie Krush Groove, and they starred as caretakers to a character played by Ralph Bellamy in the comedy Disorderlies. For 10 points, name this rap group known for their remake of “Wipeout” and named for their considerable weight.


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