“Been Caught Stealing” [accept “Caught Stealing”

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Death of George Reeves [accept suicide or murder, I suppose]
The band Convoy covered a song by this group for a series of Sheraton Hotel ads in the early 2000s. A song by this band was used in Chase Freedom commercials in 2008. This band played a jingle for Rice Krispies in an ad that was only showed in Great Britain. In an episode of Mad Men, Raymond Geiger suggested that Don Draper get this group to do a commercial for Heinz baked beans. A song by this band with the lyrics, “her face is like a sail/Speck of white so fair and pale” was used for Imac commercials in 1999. Another song by this band with the lyrics, “You make a dead man come” was used to promote Windows ‘95. For 10 points, name this rock band whose hits included “Let’s Spend the Night Together,” “She’s a Rainbow,” and “Satisfaction.”


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