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Ambassadors [or reasonable equivalents like “Diplomats”]

In one part of this film, The Champs’ “Tequila” is played over pictures showing the building of a structure in a ravine north of Los Angeles City Hall. “Dixie” is played on a piano as one figure in this film notes that the title activity is “No pink tea, and mollycoddles had better stay out”; that figure in this film had his mother blow his father’s head off. In a section of this film called “We Do this Everyday,” The Youngbloods’ “Come Together” is played while one figure cusses out numerous officials. A piano version of “Joe Hill” is played during one part of this film in which Marvin Miller discusses the test case of Messersmith and McNally. Golden Earing’s “Radar Love” is played when showing highlights of the Big Red Machine as they headed for the 1975 championship against a team that included Carleton Fiske. For 10 points, these songs were featured in what 9 part documentary directed by Ken Burns that focused on the national pastime?

ANSWER: Ken Burns’

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