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Guns ‘n Roses’ “Patience” is oddly being played while the video for this song is being shown on Juliette Lewis’ tv in the 1991 remake of Cape Fear. The video for this song begins with individuals riding coin operated horses in front of a vending machine. An overweight police officer participates in a rave with the other characters in this video. One character in this video is shown putting a fat suit on in a bathroom while another sings with a stocking on his head. One figure in this song wearing a hot pink mini skirt and black tank top mimics a cheerleader by using broccoli as pom poms. An elderly couple in this video look on in horror as a woman pole dances in a catsuit in this song’s video. Dogs barking occurs at the beginning of this song, and its video contains shots of a cross dresser sticking pineapples and carrots up his dress. The title action in this song occurs when “I walk right through the door” and notes that “If I get by, it’s mine. Mine all mine!” Dave Navarro and Perry Farrell appear in, for 10 points, what video about supermarket filchers, the biggest hit of Jane’s Addiction.


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