Become a beyondgear Campus Ambassador

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Become a BEYONDgear Campus Ambassador

Does adventure inspire you? Has climbing or other outdoor adventures changed your life? Help us share this passion for adventure with at-risk kids, changing the course of their lives forever. We invite you to join BEYONDgear to go BEYONDadventure in our movement to use adventure for good.

We are looking for adventurous and entrepreneurial students who believe in the power of adventure. Promote events, design activities and engage more people who share the same passion for using adventure for good around the world. The more involvement you can help create among students means bigger and better events, and ultimately giving more adventure opportunities and outdoor education to at-risk kids. Also, your work can earn you free BEYONDgear products and experiences as well as a great letter of recommendation and resume builder.

What We Do:

BEYONDgear Campus Ambassadors are groups of passionate, adventurous students who are working together to use adventure for good. Through creating #adventure4good activities and representing BEYONDgear’s message on campus, you can take a pivotal role in our movement. Becoming a BEYONDgear Campus Ambassador is completely FREE with no fundraising requirements.

Why Get Involved:

By becoming an active BEYONDgear Campus Ambassador, you will gain the following:

  • Earn free BEYONDgear products and points for discounts on our adventure travel experiences.

  • Learn valuable skills and experience in Marketing, Event Planning, Promotions, Viral Marketing, Networking and Leadership.

  • Get a great recommendation for future employers

  • Build valuable experience on your resume

  • Help create real change through the power of adventure.

  • Have fun!!

Join us, it will be an adventure!

How to Get Involved:

You must be a current student at a college or university in the U.S., Canada, or Brazil. If you want to apply to be a Campus Ambassador, send an email to: with your completed application and resume.

Become a BEYONDgear Campus Ambassador President:

Each partner University has one Campus Ambassador President. If there is already a BEYONDgear Campus Ambassador program active at your school, you can contact the Campus Ambassador President to get involved as a Campus Ambassador. As a Campus Ambassador President, you will be responsible for recruiting motivated and dedicated members and maintaining communication with the BEYONDgear Team. If you are interested in becoming a President, please indicate in the appropriate area on the application.

Requirements for all Campus Ambassadors:

  • Must participate in at least one event per semester plus one tabling activity.

  • Must register your events and record details with the BEYONDgear Team.

  • Take photos and videos of your events and share them on the BEYONDgear facebook page.

Please note that we receive a high volume of applications and we take the time to review each one. This process can sometimes take a couple weeks, so we appreciate your patience. If you have any questions, send us a message!

BEYONDgear Campus Ambassador Application

Contact Information:



University, Major, and Year of Expected Graduation:

Intended Role: Campus Ambassador or Campus Ambassador President

Please describe what adventure means to you (100 word limit):

Please describe a time when you reached out of your comfort zone on purpose (150 word limit):

Please describe an event that you would help organize as a Campus Ambassador (200 word limit):

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