Be sure to explain how each quote relates to the thesis

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Night Essay Test

Choose one of the following theme statements from our reading journals. Then write a 5 paragraph essay (Introduction, 3 body paragraphs, Conclusion) in which you use textual evidence (quotes) from the novel in each body paragraph to support and prove your thesis. Be sure to explain how each quote relates to the thesis.

  1. Father-Son Relationships

  2. Losing faith in God

  3. Man’s Inhumanity to Man

  4. Loss of Innocence

*Good introductions hook the audience, give a quick summary of the novel, then state the focus (thesis) in the form of the theme sentence.

*Remember good paragraphs begin with a topic sentence, give context of plot and setting to lead into the quote, state the quote, cite the quote, then explain how the quote “proves” the thesis. (aim for 5 sentences)

*Good conclusions summarize the main ideas, reword the theme, and leave us with some insightful thoughts about the importance of the lesson and how it applies to our lives today.

Essay #1

Night Essay Test

My essay is going to be about the storybook “Night” the author of the story is Elie Wiesel. The book was a story of life or death him and his family was captured by Nazis during World War 2. The Nazis did some horrible things to the Jewish people and they couldn’t do nothing about it. I’m going to explain some things the Nazis did by making the Jews loses faith in god.

When Elie was starting to lose faith in god it was pretty bad he started to lose his faith in god when his dad was getting beat down by the Nazis. The Nazis started to beat his dad down cause he couldn’t keep up with the group during a death march. Elie started to lose faith in god because all he could do was watch his dad get butt handed to him.

A time he about lost his whole faith was when a kid died slowly from being hung. The kid I believe couldn’t keep up doing his work. So he got hung but wasn’t heavy enough to snap his neck when dropped so they just him hang there and die slowly. Elie asked if there was still even a god in the world after walking by the slowly dying kid.

The last time he lost faith in god was at the end when his father finally died. His father died after everyone had been let go of the Nazis grasp. Elie couldn’t forgive himself for just watching his father be being beaten down so many times and not helping.

That’s my story on the storybook “Night” by Elie Wiesel. How he and all the other Jews lost their faith and will probably never live or sleep the same. I learned quite a bit from the book always hold your head up high and always remember your faith no matter how hard the situation.

Essay #2

Night Essay

Have you ever been emotionally or physical hurt by you peers or adults? In the novel Night, by Elie Wiesel he tells the story of his days before and during a concentration camp that he and his family were taken too. Along his journey there were many moments when aggressive actions were used to take force of a situation or gain something that another person wanted. Many people were hurt physically but also mentally. These aggressive actions prove that man’s inhumanity to man leads to tragedy.

The main goal of the SS officers was to separate the Jewish people from the rest of the population. In order to do this they first made it a normal thing to be located in their home town. It was said that they were even nice and respectful. That soon changed when it came time to remove the Jews. The officers began to use weapons to direct people. It was mostly to scare them into listening but if someone refused to do as they said it would quickly change to a harsh beating. Soon more and more people were refusing to leave there family treasures, money they had saved up, or even just their home in general. The officers lost control and attacked everyone. It did not matter to them, they were all deserving of it in their eyes. “Holding flashlights and sticks they began to strike at us left and right” (Wiesel 28). This is just one example of how the officers used pain to enforce respect from the Jews before they even arrived at the camp. In their inhumanity towards the Jewish people many were seriously injured or even killed by the fatal beatings.

Conditions worsened once the Jews arrived at the concentration camps. Not only were the living conditions unhealthy, but the prisoners only received small portions of food and water. Along with these factors one more remained present throughout the entire process. Physical harm in place of discipline. Weather it was for committing a crime like stealing food or just not being able to march in line to the beat blows from the officers became a normal part of life in the camp. Somehow the officers expected the prisoners to be able to work like a healthy man when they were weakened by malnutrition, long working hours, and lack of sleep. “We received more blows than food” (Wiesel 77). This quotes shows the how much beatings were used as direction or punishment. The prisoners were weakened by these blows but also in their minds and hearts. Many of them have had family taken away from them never to see again. All of them live in fear of what might happen next. That fear eats away their faith even more than the physical scars.

Slowly the loss of faith and beatings of many prisoners led to them physically taking out their aggressions on each other instead of the ones who were really hurting them. Their mind told them that hurting each other was okay, that killing was ok. It was no longer seen as a crime to hurt each other. If the Officers are going to hurt them anyway then what’s the problem. There became a state while in the camp where every man was fighting for himself. Family no longer had a strong bond, most people had nothing left to fight for. The two main goals were no longer staying with your family or getting back at the officers. It was now to eat, and survive. “Meir, my little Meir! Don’t you recognize me…You’re killing your father… I have bread for you too…for you too (Wiesel 101). The harshness of the camp and the SS officers slowly rubbed off onto the inmates. They no longer even care about their family and friends. They are just trying to survive, even if that means killing the ones they love.

Elie Wiesel and many others were hurt by officers and their own people before and in the concentration camps. Repeatedly using weapons to gain respect only causes people to view it as normal and soon they will use aggression too. If we live in a world where this is normal no one will survive. When it comes to the point where you cannot even trust family, it has gone too far. When physical abuse is used on innocent people they are either going to be hurt physical or emotionally. In the end no one will win.

Essay #3


Relationships are essential for physical and psychological survival. The book Night really shows this. This book is about a young man struggling to survive the holocaust with his father, and they will do anything to stay together. As I read the book I realized that there were probably over one hundred of the relationship themes. As you read further on I will show you three father son relationship themes.

The first theme takes place towards the middle of the story. The young boy Eliezer is trying to stay with his father. The quote reads, “let’s stay together, it will make us stronger.”

(Wiesel 71) what this quote is saying is that if the separate they will become week and no longer have the power to try and survive. As long as they are together they will support each other in every way possible.

The second quote happens when the father and the son are nearly separated. “I had made up my mind to accompany my father wherever he went.” (Wiesel 82) this quote also happens towards the middle of the book, it explains that father and son should stick together for support. They could use one another for drive to help them survive. It would be in=mportant for me to stay with my father. Especially if I was trying to survive the holocaust.

Finally, the last quote. In this part of the story Eliezer is watching his father get beat, and he so badly wants to stop the attacker but knowing that his father is there is all that he needs. The quote states, “My father’s presence was the only thing that stopped me… what would he do without me.” (Wiesel 86) they need each other to survive and as long as they have each other that’s all that matters at this point

To sum it all up the relationship theme is all throughout the book Night. It shows how that if Eliezer did not have his father he wouldn’t have been able to make it. Since he did not break down emotionally, he kept his mind right and he did not lose the relationship with his father he was able to survive the holocaust.

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