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Next is Mechanism Education

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Next is Mechanism Education

The Aff’s failure to ID a clear mechanism of change has the most devastating effects on the quality of debates. It makes link comparisons vacuous and means that detailed and well prepared PICs about substance, everyone’s favorite and most education part of debate are all but impossible.
We do not need to win that the state is good, rather just that the value of the state is something that should be debated about. This creates another standard for reading the Aff’s evidence – it can’t just indicate that the state or the resolution is bad or ineffective but that they should not even be discussed. Any of the aff’s ev on this account is simply proof that it can be done on the neg – no unique educational benefit to doing it on the aff, only provides an unfair tactical advantage to their arguments.

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spaces -> There are many competing theories of race, gender, class
spaces -> Democrats will keep the Senate now—best statistical models
spaces -> Aff must say what “US” and what “legalize nearly all” means—vote neg
spaces -> The tube of
spaces -> Off our interpretation is that the aff must defend the enactment of a topical plan This does not mandate any
spaces -> Sudbury 8, Professor of Ethnic Studies
spaces -> No veto proof majority for Iran sanctions now but it is within grasp. It’s a top priority for the gop and Obama’s lobbying is empirically critical to prevent it
spaces -> Performance fails if it operates within grid of intelligible
spaces -> By Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and President Ronald Reagan

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