Battleship texas sleepover

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Battleship TEXAS Sleepover

at the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Sites

Pack 545 has reserved 28 spots for Scouts and adults to sleepover on the Battleship Texas. This program provides an educational and recreational experience for organized youth groups (7-18 years of age). Sleep in the same quarters as the crew, participate in a guided tour into parts of the ship that are closed to the public and experience life as a sailor during World War II.

The sleepover will take place on Friday night, February 25th.

It will begin at 6:00pm and will conclude at 10:00am the next morning.

The cost is $42 per attendee.

The cost includes a bunk on-board the Texas and breakfast the next morning.

What you need to bring… your sleeping bag, pillow, snacks/drinks (in a cooler), etc.

How do you participate?????

Send an e-mail to Vito Cullota @

Let Vito know the number of attendees in your party and their age (all must be 7 yrs and older).

Make arrangements to pay your dues no later than Friday, February 11th (our Blue & Gold Program).

Reservations are first come, first serve… don’t delay!!!

Download 4.12 Kb.

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