Bate quizbowl Tournament Round 5

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BATE Quizbowl Tournament

Round 5

1 The largest city in this country contains a monument with 9 interconnected metal spheres representing an iron crystal called the Atomium, built for this country’s 1958 world fair. The longtime industrial belt in this country’s center is home to the city of Liege. The southern part of this country is called the Walloon region. A major port in this country was the ultimate German goal during the Battle of the Bulge; another city in this country saw the signing of a treaty ending the War of 1812. Those two cities are Ghent and Antwerp. For 10 points, name this nation that is part of the Low Countries with capital at Brussels.

ANSWER: Kingdom of Belgium
2 The Count d’Eu led his side to victory in the final stages of this war and installed Ciro Antonio Rivarola as the loosing country’s president. The Presidente Hayes Department was so named following a boundary dispute after this conflict. Francisco Barroso led his side to victory at a key naval battle that was fought near the Corrientes province, the Battle of Riachuelo. The widespread sickness due to disease prompted the Duke of Caxias to build a medical center for his soldiers. This conflict started when the Colorado Party of Uruguay staged a coup against the Blanco party, and saw the death of Francisco Solano Lopez. 10 points, identify this South American conflict that pitted Paraguay against three opponents.

ANSWER: War of the Triple Alliance

3 Dean Barkeley is a former Senator and political advisor from this state, whose current governor defeated Tom Emmer in the 2010 elections. The Tea Party response to President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union Address was given by a politician from this state. The Democratic-Farmer-Labor-Party is one of the main political parties in this state, home to an extremely tight 2008 congressional election which ended when Norm Coleman conceded defeat to Al Franken. Until 2003, this state was governed by Jesse Ventura. For 10 points, name this U.S. state whose GOP hopefuls include former Governor Tim Pawlenty and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, with capital at St. Paul.

ANSWER: Minnesota

4 One work by this author describes the “venerable woods” and the “complaining brooks that make the meadows green”. At a young age, this author wrote an attack against Thomas Jefferson titled The Embargo. In one work by this author, the title creature will “find a summer home and rest” and opens by asking if falling dew will pursue “thy solitary way”. Another poem by this man is written for a man who has communion with the visible forms of nature and was written as a meditation upon death. For 10 points, name this American author of “To a Waterfowl” and “Thanatopsis”.

ANSWER: William Cullen Bryant 

5 CD155 protein is a receptor for this virus that was moderately treated in the 1900’s by Sister Elizabeth Kenny. Often times, this virus will cause a recoverable condition known as aseptic meningitis. The bulbar form of this virus attacks the upper portion of the brain stem. The iron lung, originally developed for victims of gas poisoning, was most prominently used for patients with this virus. The common spinal variety of this virus attacks grey matter in the front portion of the spinal cord, causing atrophy. The first widely used vaccine preventing this disease was developed by Jonas Salk. For 10 points, name this virus that crippled Franklin Roosevelt.

ANSWER: Poliomyelitis

6 This composer wrote a Scherzo in C minor for his friend Joseph Joachim. He used the chaconne from Bach’s Cantata number 150 as the basis for the final movement of his fourth and final symphony. This composer wrote 25 variations and a fugue in B flat on an Air from Handel’s first harpsichord suite, and became close with Clara Schumann after the death of his friend Robert Schumann. His music for four hands includes his Hungarian Dances, and the “Cradle Song” from his Wiegenlied is known as his namesake lullaby. For 10 points, name this nineteenth century German composer who is grouped with Bach and Beethoven as the three B’s.
ANSWER: Johannes Brahms
7 This battle opened with an attack on Hagerstown Turnpike. Prior to this battle, one side intercepted the opposing side’s battle plans wrapped around a bundle of cigars. The Sunken Road was used as trench during this battle. One group of Confederates forces during this battle marched in later in the day following a decisive victory at Harper’s Ferry. This battle saw heavy fighting at Miller’s Cornfield, and was part of the first major Confederate offensive into the north. For 10 points, name this 1862 battle of the Civil War that prompted Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, the bloodiest single day battle in American history that is sometimes referred to as Sharpsburg.

ANSWER: Battle of Antietam (accept Battle of Sharpsburg before mentioned)

8 For a parameterized region, this quantity is equal to the double integral of the square root of the quantity one plus the squares of partial derivatives for x and y. Another formula for calculating this quantity is equal to the double integral of the cross product of the vectors Tu and Tv over the region D. For a cone, this quantity is pi times the radius times the quantity of the radius plus the slant height. For a sphere, this quantity equals 4 times pi times the radius squared; for a square, this quantity is equal to six times the side length squared. For 10 points, name this quantity equal to the exposed area of an object.

ANSWER: surface area

9 In work by this author, the protagonist recalls a dream where she is atop a pillar and while too scared to jump down, will only be at peace once she is aground. A man named Kurt is dragged into the unhappy marriage of Edgar and Alice in another work by this author. In another work, Agnes, the daughter of Indra, descends down to Earth to witness the struggles of humans. This author of A Dream Play wrote a work which includes the unseen Count as well as the cook Christina, whose husband Jean eventually hands a razor to the title character. For 10 points, name this Swedish author of Miss Julie.

ANSWER: August Strindberg

10 The consort of this deity is sometimes given as Dione and soon after this figure reached adulthood, he slew the monster Campe. He punished the seer Phineas with blindness and sent the harpies to plague him. With Europa, he fathered Minos. This god may be more famous for impregnating Danae in a shower of gold and raping Leda in the form of a swan, but he probably would not have been able to accomplish all that had he not been replaced at birth with a rock wrapped in cloth. Saved from the fate his siblings were subject to by Rhea, for 10 points, name this Olympian God who had many affairs while married to Hera.


11 One work by this sculptor is a gilded woman who holds a globe which an eagle rests upon in her right hand and a staff in her left hand. This sculptor of the Statue of the Republic for the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago created depictions of what was considered the four continents for the New York Custom House and created depictions of Wind, Sky and Sea for the Dupont Memorial Fountain. One work by this man that lies near the Old North Bridge shows a single man holding a musket and was dedicated on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Concord. For 10 points, name this sculptor who sculpted a seated American president at the Lincoln Memorial.

ANSWER: Daniel Chester French

12 Groups known as the Maquis fought against this man’s government for over 20 years. Earlier, he led troop landings while a colonel during the Rif war. In another conflict, this future leader worked with a commander who coined the phrase “fifth column” and was aided by the Condor Legion. During his reign, independence was granted to Equatorial Guinea; Western Sahara was given up shortly after his death. The ETA separatist group was formed during the rule of this man, whose 1975 death led to the coronation of King Juan Carlos I. For 10 points, name this long time fascist dictator of Spain.

ANSWER: Francisco Franco

13 The dry form of this force occurs between two solid surfaces and is governed by a set of three laws developed by Guillame Amontons and Charles Coulomb. Taking the inverse tangent of a value associated with this force gives the angle at which an object can overcome this force, known as the angle of repose. This force is calculated by multiplying the normal force acting on an object by a dimensionless coefficient and is reduced by oil based lubricants. For 10 points, name this force that comes in kinetic and static forms that opposes motion.

ANSWER: friction

14 This author’s latest work is about the relationship between the slave girl Zarité and Toulouse and is titled Island Beneath the Sea. Mbembelé, Sombe, and Kosongo turn out to be the same person in this author’s Forest of the Pygmies, the last book of a trilogy about Alexander and Nadia that includes Kingdom of the Golden Dragon. The title character of one of her books sleeps with Riad Halabi before finally marrying Rolf Carlé. Another work by this author of Eva Luna that takes place on the Tres Marias Hacienda and includes such characters as Blanca, Clara, and Esteban, all members of the Trueba family. For ten points, identify this Chilean author of The House of the Spirits.

ANSWER: Isabel Allende Llona 

15 This book of the Bible features the story of Ananias and Sapphira as well as the baptism of the centurion Cornelius. In the first part of this book seven deacons are elected to minister to the people of Jerusalem, one of whom, Stephen, is later executed, becoming the first Christian martyr. This book also features the raising of Tabitha from the dead and the rescue of Peter from prison. It opens with the Holy Spirit descending upon the titular figures during Pentecost, granting them the ability to speak in tongues. For 10 points, name this fifth book of the New Testament detailing the deeds of people such as Mathias, John, and Paul.

ANSWER: Acts of the Apostles 

16 This painting was the inspiration for the title of critic Louis Leroy's review of the show where it was displayed. In the background the masts of ships and several smokestacks can barely be seen, while blue and green lines in the foreground represent reflections in the water. A rowboat with two people in it can be seen in the middle of this work. The artist's signature can also be seen in the lower left of this painting, though more famous is the orange sphere that sits in the middle of the sky. For 10 points, name this painting by Claude Monet that shows an early morning scene in the harbor of Le Havre which lent its name to a major art movement.

ANSWER: Impression: Sunrise or Impression: Soleil Levant 

17 This man stressed the importance of using the scientific method in his Rules of the Sociological Methods. His nephew described how the title present can never truly be free; that work, The Gift, was written by his relative Marcel Mauss. This man also coined a term used to describe the breakdown of social norms. One study by this man claims that the titular phenomenon is more common among Protestants than Jews or Catholics and describes anomic, egoistic, altruistic and fatalistic varieties of it. For ten points, name this French sociologist who authored The Division of Labor in Society and Suicide.

ANSWER: Emile Durkheim

18 The First Battle of Krithia occurred during this campaign which also saw a disastrous landing at Cape Helles. One side during it was led by Otto von Sanders; another, composed of elements of the Mediterranean Expedition Force was led by Ian Hamilton. In Australia and New Zealand this campaign is commemorated by ANZAC day; the failure of this event for one side led to the demotion of First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill. This campaign also saw a successful defense led in part by Mustafa Kemal, a man who would later be known as Ataturk. For 10 points, name this disastrous Allied campaign during World War One, an attempt to capture Istanbul.

ANSWER: Dardanelles campaign or Battle of Gallipoli or Gallipoli campaign

19 One form of this procedure makes use of the chelating effect and uses a ligand like EDTA. Another ligand is then employed that forms a complex once all of the EDTA is used up. This is known as the complexometric form of this procedure. A graph that can be produced from this procedure has an important point equal to the point of inflection. That graph can be drawn using the Henderson-Hasselbach equation. Indicators like phenolphthalein are used as an indicator during this procedure to determine the equivalence point. For 10 points, name this method of chemical analysis in which a known amount of a chemical is reacted with a chemical of unknown concentration delivered via a buret.

ANSWER: titration

20 In this novel, Camila and Georgiana hope to gain the wealth of another character. One character in this novel falls in love with Biddy, who rejects him and hopes to win the love of the central character. Clara’s relationship with Herbert Pocket is kept a secret in this novel, which also includes blacksmith Joe Gargery. The central character falls for Estella and believes for some time that Miss Havisham is responsible for his good luck. For 10 points, name this work in which Abel Magwitch gives his money to Pip, a novel by Charles Dickens. 
ANSWER: Great Expectations
Extra Tossups
21 Abubakari II of this empire sent out failed expeditions that never returned, and lineages include Djata and Klonkan lineages. This empire was established following a victory over the Sosso Empire. Mendinka and the Lion Prince or Sundiata Keita defeated Sumanguru at the Battle of Kirina to establish this empire which established the University of Sankore. One ruler of this empire gave away so much gold on his hajj to Mecca that for a while, the value of salt surpassed that of gold. That ruler, Mansa Musa, ruled, for 10 points, what African empire with a major city at Timbuktu?

ANSWER: Mali Empire

22 One work by this author inspired the novel The Bad Girl and the essay The Perpetual Orgy, both works by Mario Vargas Llosa. Julian Barnes wrote about his “parrot”, and this man also wrote about how the titular figure, Hamlicar Barca’s daughter, falls in love with Matho. Another of his works focuses on the fluctuating love of Frederic Moreau for Madame Arnoux. In addition to Salammbo and Sentimental Education, this man wrote another work in which the title female has affairs with Rodolph Boulanger and Leon Dupuis in Yonville while married to Dr. Charles. For 10 points, identify this French author of Madame Bovary.

ANSWER: Gustave Flaubert

23 This is the number of isomers of cresol and the number of benzene rings fused together to form anthracene. In astronomy, this is the number of alpha particles used in a process that produces carbon, and it is also the number of oxygen atoms possessed by boric acid. This is also the number of resonance structures possessed by the nitrate ion, the number of p electrons in an atom of nitrogen, and the number of hydrogen atoms in a hydronium molecule. For 10 points, give this number, the number of oxygen atoms in ozone, the number of hydrogen atoms in phosphoric acid and the atomic number of lithium.

ANSWER: three

1 Answer these questions about simple harmonic oscillators, for 10 points each:

[10] They can be described by this equation, which states that the force is equal to negative the product of the spring constant times the displaced length.

ANSWER: Hooke’s law

[10] In reality, harmonic oscillators experience this effect which reduces the amplitude of the system.

ANSWER: damping (accept equivalents)

[10] At small angles, pendulums can be approximated as a simple harmonic oscillator. The approximation estimates the period as equal to the square root of length divided by the gravitational acceleration all times this constant.

ANSWER: two times pi
2 Answer these questions about The Catcher in the Rye, for 10 points each.

[10] This phony hater, brother of Phoebe, and dropout of Pencey Prep is the novel’s protagonist.

ANSWER: Holden Caufield (accept either)

[10] In the novel, Holden meets up with this former English teacher while in New York City. The encounter ends abruptly after this man makes advances on Holden while he is sleeping.

ANSWER: Mr. Antolini

[10] This character, a girl Holden spent time with while in Maine, is frequently mentioned as a character Holden respects yet never actually appears in the novel.

ANSWER: Jane Gallagher (accept either)
3 This meeting led to the creation of the brief German Confederation as well as the even briefer unification of the Netherlands and Belgium. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this 1814-1815 meeting that settled issues from the Napoleonic Wars, led by the Austrian diplomat Metternich.

ANSWER: Congress of Vienna

[10] France was represented in the meeting by this diplomat who had been Foreign Minister under Napoleon and was implicated in the XYZ Affair.

ANSWER: Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord

[10] Great Britain was represented by this diplomat, a two time Secretary of State for War and the Colonies who wounded Foreign Secretary George Canning in an 1809 duel.

ANSWER: Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh (accept either)
4 For 10 points each, identify these medieval philosophers.

[10] This writer of Summa contra Gentiles presented five proofs for the existence of God in his Summa Theologica.

ANSWER: Saint Thomas Aquinas

[10] Aquinas also wrote a commentary on The Four Books of Sentences, a compilation of Christian theology written by this bishop.

ANSWER: Peter Lombard

[10] This philosopher asked a series of five questions, including whether God is a single being in his work Sic et Non, Latin for Yes and No.

ANSWER: Peter Abelard
5 The first section of this work, which includes Ritual of Abduction, is titled The Adoration of the Earth. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this work about a pagan ritual in which a young girl sacrifices herself to ensure a good harvest. Its primitive style caused riots when it premiered in 1913.

ANSWER: The Rite of Spring (accept Le Sacre du printemps)

[10] The Rite of Spring was a work by this Russian who also composed a work in which Prince Ivan is aided by the title creature in marrying one of the princesses of Koschei titled The Firebird.

ANSWER: Igor Stravinsky

[10] Both The Rite of Spring and The Firebird were performed by the Ballets Russes, a group founded by this Russian.

ANSWER: Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev
6 Roundedness refers to the positioning of the lips when making this type of sound. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this type of sound which in the English language can be short or long, as seen in the words “hat” and “hate”.

ANSWER: vowels

[10] Vowels are an example of these smallest units of sound in a language that are denoted using a slash mark.

ANSWER: phoneme

[10] Words like “loud” and “lied” are examples of this term which refers to two adjacent vowel sounds in the same syllable.

ANSWER: dipthong
7 The Bohr form of this property is useful in single electron systems like a hydrogen atom. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this measurement, which measures the distance from an atom’s nucleus to the farthest edge of its electron cloud.

ANSWER: atomic radius (prompt on “radius”)

[10] Elements from hafnium to platinum experience this effect, where their atomic radius is much smaller than expected because of the poor shielding capabilities of electrons in the 4f subshell.

ANSWER: lanthanide contraction

[10] Atomic radii are typically expressed in this unit, equal to 1x10-12 meters or one thousandth of a nanometer.

ANSWER: picometer
8 In 1967, Israel fought against Egypt, Jordan and Syria in a war that saw numerous territorial changes. For 10 points each:

[10] Name that war, so named for its extremely brief duration.

ANSWER: Six-Day War

[10] After the war, Israel gained this northeastern mountainous region from Syria.

ANSWER: Golan Heights

[10] One of the catalysts of the war was Egypt’s decision to block this waterway connecting the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba, thus blocking Israel’s passage to the Indian Ocean.

ANSWER: Straits of Tiran
9 When we first meet this character, he is attempting to take off his boots but after failing to succeed claims “nothing to be done”. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this man, who along with his friend Vladimir, encounters Pozzo and his slave Lucky in Waiting for Godot.

ANSWER: Estragon

[10] Waiting for Godot was a work by this absurdist author who wrote of Hamm and his servant Clov in Endgame.

ANSWER: Samuel Beckett

[10] Another member of the theater of the absurd was this English author who wrote of Teddy and his wife Ruth returning to London in his work The Homecoming.

ANSWER: Harold Pinter
10 In 1998, a Canadian newspaper ranked what it considered to be the top 100 NHL players of all time. For 10 points each:

[10] At number one was this man who played for the Oilers, Kings, and Rangers. This nine time MVP holds the record for most career goals and is nicknamed “The Great One”.

ANSWER: Wayne Douglas Gretzky

[10] At number twelve was this man who was on the Rangers along with Gretzky during the mid 90’s. He is second all time in regular season points and was nicknamed “The Moose”.

ANSWER: Mark Messier

[10] Playing most of his career with the Detroit Red Wings, this man played in the NHL in an incredible five different decades. This 23 time All Star holds the record for most NHL games played in and is nicknamed “Mr. Hockey”.

ANSWER: Gordon “Gordie” Howe
11 One biblical figure sculpted by this man contains horns as a way of demonstrating radiant knowledge. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this sculptor of La Pieta and Moses.

ANSWER: Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

[10] Michelangelo designed the tomb for this “Warrior Pope”. Michelangelo also painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for this pope.

ANSWER: Pope Julius II (prompt on “Giuliano della Rovere”)

[10] Another work by Michelangelo depicts a battle between the Lapiths and this race which occurred on the day of the marriage of Peirithous to Hippodamia.

ANSWER: Centaurs
12 The 1st and 2nd Battles of St. Alban were fought during this conflict that also included the Battle of Tewkesbury. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this 15th century conflict between the York’s and the Lancaster’s that culminated at the Battle of Bosworth Field.

ANSWER: War of the Roses

[10] The Battle of Bosworth Field ended with the death of this final king of the House of York, who was defeated in battle by the forces of the future Henry VII.


[10] Clashes between the York’s and Lancaster’s went as far back as the 1300’s following the death of the Black Prince, the heir apparent to this king who was in power during English victories at Poitiers and Crecy during the Hundred Years War.

13 The highest level of this classification system is used for storms with winds greater than 155 mph. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this scale that classifies hurricanes into five levels of intensities.

ANSWER: Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale

[10] The spiral shape of a hurricane is due to this effect, an apparent deflection of an object from a moving path due to the earth’s rotation.

ANSWER: Coriolis effect/force

[10] Hurricanes typically originate in this gulf of western Africa that the Volta River drains into.

ANSWER: Gulf of Guinea
14 The protagonist of this work, who lives in the custody of The Commander and Serena Joy, has an affair with a driver named Nick. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this works centering on Offred, which describes the subjugation of women in the Republic of Gilead.

ANSWER: The Handmaid’s Tale

[10] This other work by the author of The Handmaid’s Tale contains a story within a story about Alex Thomas. On a larger level, this work tells of Iris Chaser and her marriage to Richard Griffen.

ANSWER: The Blind Assassin

[10] Both The Blind Assassin and The Handmaid’s Tale were works by this Canadian author.

ANSWER: Margaret Atwood
15 In the bottom left of this painting an old man can be seen gnawing on the head of another man. For ten points each

[10] Name this painting which depicts many damned souls clutching at the titular vessel, a depiction of a poet and his guide in the underworld.

ANSWER: The Barque of Dante or Dante and Vergil in Hell

[10] The Barque of Dante is a painting by this French romantic, who painted many depictions of the Greek war for Independence such as Massacre at Chios and Greece Expiring on the Ruins of Messolonghi. He also painted The Death of Sardanapalus.

ANSWER: Eugene Delacroix

[10] Delacroix is perhaps best known for this painting, which features a boy wielding two pistols next to the titular figure, who bears the French flag.

ANSWER: Liberty Leading the People
16 The vicious policies of General Weyler, known as “Butcher Weyler”, were among the causes of this conflict. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this “Splendid Little War” triggered by the explosion of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana harbor.

ANSWER: Spanish-American war

[10] After the war, American forces faced a rebellion in the newly conquered Philippines that ended with the surrender of this first Filipino president.

ANSWER: Emilio Aguinaldo

[10] Another cause of the war was the New York Journal’s publishing of this letter in which a Spanish official described President McKinley as “weak” and a “low politician”.

ANSWER: De Lome letter
17 In an eponymous poem, this figure trades insults with his fellow deities. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this figure that once hid in Franag’s Falls and turned into a salmon in order to avoid the wrath of the Aesir. He also orchestrated the death of Baldr in his role as the Norse trickster god.


[10] Loki was chased by the Aesir after conning this blind figure into slaying Baldr.


[10] With Angrboda, Loki was the father of Hel, the Midgard Serpent, and this wolf from Norse mythology.

ANSWER: Fenrir
18 The fruit fly Drosophila was typically blasted with UV radiation to induce this effect. For 10 points each:

[10] Give this term for a change in the DNA of a cell’s genome.

ANSWER: mutation
[10] This is the name for a mutation that does not change the final amino acid sequence coded for by the DNA.

ANSWER: silent mutation

[10] The idea of a mutation affecting the structure of a protein demonstrates this principle put by forth by Francis Crick in 1958. It states that information flows from nucleic acids like DNA to a protein in an irreversible process.

ANSWER: central dogma of molecular biology

19 In this play, one character is punished after he refuses to pay for a chain he ordered but never actually receives. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this play whose main characters are two sets of masters and slaves each with the names Antipholus and Dromio.

ANSWER: The Comedy of Errors

[10] A police officer named Dogberry appears in this other Shakespearean comedy chiefly concerning the lovers Benedick and Beatrice and Claudio and Hero.

ANSWER: Much Ado About Nothing

[10] The Comedy of Errors was largely inspired by this Roman comic playwright and author of Epidicus and Bacchides.

ANSWER: Plautus
20 Mount Hood, a peak in the Cascades, is found in the Northern part of this state. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this state whose largest cities are Portland, Salem, and Eugene.

ANSWER: Oregon

[10] Most of Oregon’s population, including its three largest cities, lies in this fertile plain in the state’s northwest corridor.

ANSWER: Willamette Valley

[10] The Cascades are formed by the plate system from the North American plate and this smallest of the Earth’s plates named for a 16th century explorer.

ANSWER: Juan de Fuca plate
Tiebreaker Bonus
21 This man rescued in the Gran Sasso raid gained power with the passing of the Acerbo Law. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this fascist Italian dictator during World War Two.

ANSWER: Benito Mussolini

[10] Mussolini oversaw this 1929 treaty with the Vatican that granted full sovereignty to the Holy See and settled issues regarding the role of the Catholic Church in Italy.

ANSWER: Lateran Pact/Treaty/Accord

[10] Italy’s rapid invasion of Albania in 1939 forced the exile of this Albanian king.

ANSWER: King Zog I

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