Basic Facts and the Creation of the U. N

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Basic Facts and the Creation of the U.N.
1. What is the mission of the U.N.?
The aims of the United Nations include:

  • To keep World Peace.

  • To create friendly relations between countries.

  • To work together

  • To help people live better lives

  • To eliminate poverty, disease and illiteracy in the world,

  • To stop environmental destruction

  • To encourage respect for each other's rights and freedoms.

  • To be a centre for helping nations achieve these aims

2. To accomplish its mission, what do member countries agree to do?

There are several different global issues the United Nations tries to get the upper hand in, each of these missions has different agreements, but in general the member countries of the United Nations agree to help each other in times of need, not to start a war against each other and to give support if the United Nations requests it.
3. What was one of the earlier attempts to create an institution to promote international


The first attempt to create an international organization like the United Nations, was after the First World war. The participants never wanted a war like that anymore, so they started the League of Nations.
4. Describe the two flaws this institution suffered from and explain how these ultimately led to its failure.

The two main issues which led to the failure of the League of Nations were:

  • The League of Nations had no army of its own to because of this the decisions were not taken serious.

  • Various big powers in the world never actually joined the League of Nations like the United States.

5. Discuss some of the main events of World War II. How did these experiences

rekindle the idea of establishing a world organization dedicated to world peace and

international cooperation?

The persecution of the Jews in the Second World War was for many nations the point that they said: “These things should never ever happen again”. This gave some international cooperation. Also when the German and Italian, together with some of the Balkan countries’ and Japanese forces teamed up together, the United Kingdom and France made an alliance together with Poland and some other countries. This was an alliance which later on grew out to be an international cooperation between even more countries.
6. How did the founders of the United Nations try to avoid the failures of the League of

Nations? Explain how these actions would avoid the problems encountered by the


The League of Nations had no Military force of its own because of this they couldn’t prosecute countries to listen to the agreements. The United Nations currently have an army of its own namely the Blue Berets, so they actually can force countries to live up to their decisions, they also use this military force in Peace Keeping missions.

The League of Nations was very limited in members, it had 42 founding members of which the major powers in the world were not included.

The United nations currently holds 193 different Nations, including all the major powers in the world.

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