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After Deliberations

Should Work places have policy on privacy for persons with disability?? ( here or under employment section )

  • Designing of group homes and other community living options should consider personal space requirements and privacy needs.


  • Privacy and having a boundary is central to anyone’s experience of personhood. Not having an assurance of privacy leads to loss of dignity, shaming, and disrespect.

  • Reasonable accommodation and necessary support must factor in personalized needs for privacy. The balance between disclosure and privacy is a matter to be decided by PWD if necessary with support group, including family.

  • Protection of privacy in personal hygiene and self care within the home environment is a must.

  • Privacy needs must be addressed by balancing need for being alone, and need for being supported. Neglect on the one hand must be balanced by overprotection on the other hand.

  • Sexual identity and needs of PWDs also brings up issues of privacy (e.g. case study of woman with disability put into a room with lots of male cousins).

  • Media, courts, printed and electronic channels, movies, medical and other kinds of health services must assure privacy. Use of private information in media, courts and medical services must be regulated. (Case study of woman with mental illness whose privacy was invaded for weeks by a local newspaper in Maharashtra.)

  • Medical services must assure privacy in routine delivery of health and mental health care. Often only families are consulted, not PWD.

  • Privacy in situations of medical emergencies must be assured.

  • Ministry website having names and other details of PWDs must be edited out.

  • There must be a mechanism that should look at whether reasonable accommodation is being monitored???? ( what is meant)

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