Base document on civil political rights disaggregated by nature of intervention right to life and living

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After Deliberation

ALL these recommendations shifted to the appropriate chapter of the new law.

Right to integrity:



Right to integrity is about personal identity. The ‘RIGHT TO BE YOU’ and the barriers to that. Right to affirm oneself as a whole person in a physical and mental sense.

  • Articles (12, 17) must be read together.

  • The new Act must ensure the safety of occupying one’s own personal space. Good touch / bad touch, illustratively, is significant for people in wheel chairs or those being led. Every PWD would have experience of lacking safety in one’s personal environment.

  • Refer to standard interpretation of integrity in other human rights acts and jurisprudence.

  • Right to integrity is linked with right to privacy, liberty, freedom of expression, right to be protected from violence, abuse and exploitation.

  • Within the context of medical services, right to integrity is linked to right to liberty, right to consent, right to choice, and right to services in the natural settings, and right to be protected from abuse and violence, and right to protection from inhuman, degrading and torturous treatments.

  • Right to integrity includes both bodily and mental integrity (e.g. domestic violence Act recognizes the latter.)

  • Right to integrity must be equally assured in case of people who are homeless and within institutions, both private and public.

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