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Interview (of me)

By Catherine Fenollosa about public memorials and personal stories of loss for a story on The Connection, National Public Radio, February 2004.

  1. Published Reviews of Scholarship

Reviews (long, short, and mention only)
Of MIT 2003 book:

Michna, Catherine. “A New New Urbanism for a New New Orleans,” American Quarterly 58. December 2006: 1207-1216.

Announcements of new book. Environmental Health Perspectives 111. July 2003: A492.
Books Mentioned. Urban Studies 41. March 2004: 713.
Brief Mention. American Literature 76. June 2004: 420.
Roy, Marlene. “Story and Sustainability: Planning, Practice, and Possibility for American Cities [htm].” IISD [International Institute for Sustainable Development (Canada)] Research Library New and Notable Books. September 2003 [for one month].
Connelly, Steve. Review in Journal of the American Planning Association (JAPA) 70. Summer 2004: 364.
Davies, Andrew. “Theology, Theory and Urban Practice,” in Reports, Interviews, Reviews, City 7. November 2003: 419-423.
Henderson, Harold. Review in Planning 70. March 2004: 39-40.
Hoch, Charles. Review in Journal of Planning Education and Research 24. Winter 2004: 219-221.
Natural Resources Journal 43. Fall 2003: 1304.
Of Routledge 2005 book:

Pratt, Lloyd. “New Orleans and its Storm: Exception, Example, or Event?” American Literary History 19. Spring 2007: 251-265.

Michna, Catherine. “A New New Urbanism for a New New Orleans,” American Quarterly 58. December 2006: 1207-1216.
Citations (selected)

Grewcock, Duncan, “Museum of Cities and Urban Futures,” Museum International 58 (September 2006): 32-42.

Jensen, Ole B., Professor of Urban Theory, Head of Doctoral School in Planning and Development, Department of Architecture and Design, Aalborg University (Denmark). “Culture Stories: Towards a Narrative Understanding of Cultural and Creative Urban Branding,” at Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) conference. Vienna, July 2005.
Rothstein, Edward. “What Should a City Be? Redesigning an Ideal,” New York Times. January 24, 2004: Arts pp.1 and 9.
Thomas, June Manning. “Neighborhood Planning: Uses of Oral History,” Journal of Planning History 2. February 2004: 50-70.
3. Grants (See Honors and Awards above.)

External: Humanities Iowa $1,000

Internal: All the rest
4. Funding Proposals Submitted But Not Funded

National Endowment for the Humanities

5. Invited Lectures and Conference Presentations (since tenure)
a. Conference Organizer
Obermann Center Symposium, “Energy Cultures in the Age of the Anthropocene” with Ty Priest, History, and Bradley Cramer, Earth and Environmental Sciences: planning, fund-raising, public engagement organization, 2013-15; Major Events March 2015.

  1. International

Roundtable Panelist. “Metaphors of Climate Change.” Conference of the Society for the Study of Literature, Science, and the Arts.” South Bend, IN, October 2013.

“”You’ve Gotta Walk It By Yourself’: A Sojourn through Bloody Kansas in Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead, re-Positioning the System of Slavery,” American Comparative Literature Association, Toronto, April 2013.
“In a Borrowed Canoe: The Extramodern Mississippi River Journey of Eddy L. Harris,” Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment,” Lawrence, Kansas, May 2013.
“History of the Dividing Line between Iowa and Minnesota,” presenter and chair of the panel, Historical Social Geographers, Association of American Geographers, NYC, February 2012.
Invited Panelist. Humanities and Geography Panel, Association of American Geographers, Seattle, WA, April, 2011. [My presentation read in my absence; my train flooded out west of Minot, ND]
“Realist Fiction and the Production of Place: Fate and Redemption in New Orleans,” Geography and Humanities Symposium (sponsored by the Association of American Geographers and the American Council of Learned Societies [ACLS]), University of Virginia, June 22-24, 2007.
“Teachers, Plumbers, Pipefitters, Clerks: Defining Diversity in the New Orleans Diaspora,” International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities, and Nations [Common Ground], New Orleans, June 2006.
“Spectacle, Reconciliation, and Rebuilding in New Orleans: The Black Panthers, New Orleans Police, and Urban Folkways,” invited lecture, University of Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany. May 2006
“New Orleans: Rebuilding the City, Sustaining the Place Tone,” invited lecture at the Cities Conference, University of Rome (La Sapienza), Rome, Italy, April 2006.
“Planning for Diaspora: New Orleans Before and After the Hurricanes,” International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic, and Social Sustainability. Hanoi, Vietnam [virtual participation from Montpellier, France]. January 2006.
Roundtable on “Making Space,” Planning Network conference: Justice by Design. Minneapolis, June 2005.
“Stefaniak’s LULU [locally unwanted land use]: Iowa City’s ‘Self Storage,’” International Short Story Conference. New Orleans, July 2002.
Chair, "Stories to Live By." International Short Story Conference. Iowa City, October 2000.
“Desire Lines: The Chicago Transportation Plan and the Post-War Movement of Japanese American and American Indian Migrants within Chicago.”with James Throgmorton. Three Cities Conference (NY, Chicago, LA). Birmingham, England. September 1999.***
"A Lakota Way of Seeing Whiteness from the Great Plains to Chicago, 1945-60." Oral History Association. New Orleans. September 1997.
"Carnival not Carnivalesque; or the Mumbo Jumbo of the 1991 Resolution to Integrate New Orleans Mardi Gras." International Literature of Region and Nation Conference. St. John, New Brunswick. August 1996.

  1. National and Regional

“Sustainable Humanities and Rhetorical Science,” University of Iowa Environmental Coalition, Space/Place One, University of Iowa, March 2013.

“Sustainable Humanities and Rhetorical Science,” Sustainability Group, IATL, University of Iowa, December 2012.
“The Heart of a Mosquito [presentation of the new American Bottoms book project],” English Department Faculty Colloquium, University of Iowa, December 2011.
“People’s Weather Map,” Pecha-Kucha, with Mark NeuCollins and Jim Giglierano. Digital Studio for the Public Humanities event. University of Iowa, October 2011.
“Flies and Hogs in the Miasma: Doctoring in Iowa, Early and Late,” Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE). June 1011. Bloomington, IN.
Inivited Poster Presenter, [Iowa Rivercall, Nature-Deficit Disorder, Twain’s Perspectively Rich Youth] Iowa Water Center’s research team-building poster symposium, ISU, Ames, IA, March 2011.
Invited Speaker. “Catching the Place-Tone, Finding the Spirit Region.” Sustainability and America Symposium, University of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana, IL, February 2011.
Invited Speaker. “Child’s Play in Rivers and Ravines: The Formation of a Movement and a Nation,” Sustainability and American Literature Panel, MLA, Los Angeles, January 2011.
Iowa Rivercall, river education festival for 4th graders, co-directed with Chris Vinsonhaler, in collaboration with the Iowa City Public Schools, and sponsored by Iowa Institute for Hydroscience Research, piloted May 2010 with Hills and Twain elementary schools at River Junction/Stump Town.
Invited Speaker, “Festival for an Endangered River,” Platform for Public Scholars, Obermann Public Humanities Symposium, Iowa City, October 2009.
Invited Speaker at “Lessons from the Flood: Collaborating in a Crisis,” Iowa City Public Library, January 15, 2009.
Invited paper: “An Endangered River Runs Through Us,” Writing Science Symposium, University of Iowa, October 2008.

Invited Speaker at the University of Iowa Geography Colloquium: “Why Geographers Should Care about Narrative Form,” spring 2008.

Invited Panelist for the Public Rhetoric Seminar: Housing and Human Rights in Iowa City, Iowa City Public Library, February 2007.
Invited Participant, with James Throgmorton, in the Obermann Graduate Institute of Public Engagement and the Academy, January 2007.
Participant in the Roundtable: “The English Major at Large: Service Learning, Community Involvement, and Discipline Relevance,” Modern Language Association, Philadelphia, December 2006.
Invited lecture “The Fate of New Orleans: What’s Literature Got to Do with It?” University of Missouri, Columbia, MO. November 2006.
Invited participant in panel, “Writing New Orleans: Race, History and Crisis in Context,” Nonfiction Now Conference, Iowa City, IA. November 2005.
“Planning for Diaspora,” invited lecture by the Urban and Regional Planning Program for the university and the Iowa City community. October 2005.
“New Orleans and The American City of Sprawl,” invited lecture for the rhetoric symposium, “New Orleans Underwater; America Uncovered,” University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. September 2005.
Chair, “Urban Identities,”American History Association, Seattle January 2005.
“The Spectacle on Piety and Desire: The Black Panthers and the Place of Ishmael Reed’s Neo-Hoodooism,” American Studies Program Series, University of Iowa, September 2004.
Invited Panelist, The Creative Process, for the Year of the Arts and Humanities, University of Iowa, September 2004.
“Sex and the Historic City: A Walking Tour on the Wild Side,” Project on the Rhetoric of Inquiry, University of Iowa, April 2004.
“Malaise and Miasms: Dr. Percy’s Moviegoer and Public Health in New Orleans Environs,” Symposium on the Environment, Program in Urban and Regional Planning,” University of Iowa, March 2004.
“Urban Folkways and City Survival: Sustaining New Orleans,” Iowa Program on Place Studies, University of Iowa, March 2004.
Chair, “Neighbors in the Hemisphere and at Home” Mid-American American Studies Association, Iowa City, fall 2003.
“I’ll Put You Down for English,” 20th Anniversary Symposium of the Project on the Rhetoric of Inquiry, University of Iowa, spring 2003.
“Andrei Codrescu’s New Orleans: Babylon on the ‘Frontline in America’s Meanest War.’” American Literature Section. Modern Language Association (MLA). NYC, December 2002.
“Monument or Public Transport: The Streetcar Named Desire.” Southern Literature Section. MLA. NYC, December 2002.
“Urban Narratives and Student Engagement,” written with James Throgmorton, presented in session"Teaching Stories and Storytelling in Planning." Association of the Collegiate Schools of Planning conference. Baltimore. November 2002.***
"Mapping the Spirit Region: Sister Helen, the Dead Men, and the Folk of New Orleans Environs." English Department Faculty Colloquium. April 2002.
"Making Space for Stories that Sustain." Opening Presentation for Obermann Symposium, "Planning as Storytelling: Sustaining America's Cities," co-directed with James Throgmorton. June 2000.
"Monsters in Public Memory: Helen Prejean's Prisoners and Anne Rice's Vampires in a Sustainable New Orleans." American Studies Association. Montreal. October 1999.

"An Alternative Mode of Post-War Transportation: A Streetcar Named Desire." American Theater and Drama Society. MLA. Toronto. 27-30 December 1997.

"'Distinctly Private' Public Accommodations: Taking New York City Local Law #63 to New Orleans." American Studies Association. Washington, D.C. November 1997.
"Post-War Relocation Authority: Japanese Americans' Views of the White America They Reentered, 1945-60." Mid-American American Studies Association. April 1997.
"The Absence of Origin: Early Jazz in New Orleans." Honors Student Colloquium, UI. February 1997.
The Rationale for Cultural Diversity. to the Regents Universities and Colleges. University of Northern Iowa. February 1997.
6. Pending Activities and Decisions Affecting Deliberations

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