Balian: a simple village blacksmith and the estranged son of Godfrey

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The Kingdom of Heaven – Day 1
Characters Introduced

  • Balian: A simple village blacksmith and the estranged son of Godfrey.

  • Godfrey of Ibelin: A French noble who has been on crusade.

  • Hospitaler knight: Hospitalers are a crusading order, one ultimately associated with medical care “hospitals”

  • Guy de Lusignan: A Templar knight. The Templars were a crusader order, one which our DVD described as a medieval “Special Operations” elite fighting force.

  • Princess Sibylla: The wife of Guy de Lusignan and the sister of the King of Jerusalem—King Baldwin

  • Tiberius: The Marshall of Jerusalem.

  • Raynald of Châtillon: another Templar knight

  • King Baldwin: the King of Jerusalem, who has leprosy and is dying. Who will succeed him is a main theme in the movie.

  • Saladin: Muslim leader of the Saracens. He is depicted in a positive way in the movie as he and King Baldwin generally seek peace.

Make point-form notes for the questions on the back while watching the movie. Near the end of class, I will give you a few minutes to write up a reflection for questions #2-4.

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  1. Why do you think Balian left for the Holy Land?

  1. If you were in today’s military, you would be provided a wage, good living conditions, adequate supplies, security, good medical care, and usually not have to worry about food supplies and how you would get to your destination. These things were obviously different for the crusaders. Citing examples from the movie, what do these trials say about the crusaders?

  1. Christians went on crusades for a variety of reasons. Identify one good reason and one poor reason, using example scenes or situations from the movie.

  1. There are several scenes that seem to address whether it is morally right or not to kill in the name of God. Identify one of the scenes and comment on how it is correct or not in your opinion.

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