Backyard Mission Newsletter…do the Word. Mission Statement

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Backyard Mission Newsletter…do the Word.
Mission Statement:
1. Get people warm and dry by providing free home repairs, using volunteer labor and buying materials with donated money. Demonstrating the love of Christ!
2. Give Christians the opportunity to put their faith into action by loving and serving their neighbors.
3. Help other churches start a Backyard Mission program in their community.

There have been a few times in my life that God spoke in an almost audible voice to me. One such time happened this summer.
A friend e-mailed me and said he had decided not to participate in a mission project because the people we helped had not taken care of what we had done in the past. You could tell it truly bothered him.
I began praying about that because I realized there was a part of me that wondered about that sometimes too. Why do we do this? Does it really make a difference? What if they don’t take care of the property? Should we help anyway?
God spoke very clearly to my heart and said, “I sent the world my very best, my son, and the world totally trashed him, but His witness lives on forever.”
That was the answer. When we help someone, it is our witness that will live on. No one can touch that or change that. The property will eventually deteriorate, but the witness, the witness lives on forever. That is what our God asks of us. That is what our God did for us. Thank goodness God didn’t decide not to send Jesus because “the world was just going to trash him anyway”.

August 2008


Families Served - 611


To the women in the audience…………………..looking for your “soul purpose”? Spend a weekend at Trinity Ranch. An intimate weekend with Jesus and the horses – discovering what makes you come alive.

(Next Soul Purpose retreat - Aug. 15 & 16.)

Looking for something on the lighter side? Try “Trinity Girls” – a fun time of worship at the ranch on Sat. morning. (Next Trinity Girls - Aug. 23rd.)

Want more info? Make a visit to Trinity Ranch - -

** A big thanks to Alamo Remodeling for providing a dump truck for us!! **

Board Members:

Jim Taylor Mary Kay McCauley

Sheri Haynes Laren Craig

Glenn West Lindy Fruge’


4701 - 82nd St (806) 794-4015

Lubbock, TX 79424 /
Grants received 2007

Betenbough Foundation, Lubbock Area Foundation – unrestricted funds, Chester & Ada Ruth Green, South Plains Foundation, Home Instead Senior Care Foundation, East Texas Communities Foundation, Monty Miller Living Legacy, Muzyka Family Charitable Investment Fund


Lubbock Area Foundation – unrestricted funds and

Chester & Ada Ruth Green Endowment

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