Background: The Goulian Aerosports team is one of only three teams within North America that compete in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship

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Goulian Aerosports
Red Bull Air Race Team #99


The Goulian Aerosports team is one of only three teams within North America that compete in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

We will be in in our 7th year competing in the Red Bull Air Race. Having used several different platforms in the past, including the MX2 and the Extra 300SHP, Goulian has been racing with Edge 540’s since 2007. For 2015 the #99 has a new, natural born race machine. Originated from the Zivko’s remarkable airplane, several mods have been made to create the actual aircraft design.

The team is headquartered at the Plymout Airport, located south of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. These headquarters are our base of operations for both our race and air show team.

With the new aircraft, a new team was also created:
For this season Goulian has selected Team Coordinator Pablo C. Branco and Team Technician Dax Wanless for these key roles.
Pablo, born February 17th 1983 in Brasillia, Brazil grew up around aerobatic airplanes and motorsports. Always a fan of compatriot famous Formula 1 drivers Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna, Pablo comes from a Corporate Aviation background and is a fellow veteran team member in NASCAR, having flown for Nelson Piquet Jr during his years racing in Europe and the USA. His ability to combine his love for flying and racing makes him a natural for Team Coordinator.
American, Dax Wanless was born September 19th 1971 and is a veteran technician specializing in aerobatic and high performance aircraft. Originally from Platteville, Wisconsin, Wanless spent many years traveling the world with renowned airshow performers where he earned a reputation for his expertise not only as a mechanic but also aerobatic pilot in this demanding environment. Wanless’ experience and well rounded pilot skill will allow him to excel as the Team's Technician.

Active Media Channels:

Mike Goulian Aerosports is active on:

  • Facebook: a place for our fans to show their support, post photos, comments and keep track of our team throughout the year. To date we have about 38,260 fans.


  • Twitter: to connect with our fans and share “behind-the-scenes” information about the team

    • @mikegoulian

  • Website: A fan-based site for anyone to view current news, blog, videos, photos, and event schedule. We also use this to sell MGAS merchandise and memorabilia, including hats, shirts, books, videos, pins and more.


Community Outreach:

  • One notable point is just how passionate Mike is about promoting aviation to kids and people of all ages.

    • He is very active promoting aviation within the US-- he sits on four boards; the Experimental Aircraft Association [EAA], the International Council of Airshows [ICAS], the IMC Club, and the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association [AOPA].

    • He has inspired hundreds of kids to pursue their dreams in aviation and he is now giving back to the aviation community by working on these boards not only to promote aviation, but also make it safer and more accessible.

Pilot Schedule:

  • The 2015 Red Bull Air Race Abu Dhabi event is the first of Michael’s season. Leading up to that time test flown the Edge 540 in North Carolina as well as his Extra 300SC to both train his G-tolerance as well as work on the precision and smoothness of his flying, a benefit for both racing as well as his air show performances. The race is followed by two US airshows in March.

    • A full schedule can be found at

Pilot Quotes:

  • "Our #99 Team is making the trip to Abu Dhabi for the first race of the year as prepared as we have ever been. We have all worked very hard during the off season and this hard work has reflected on how our brand new race plane performed during our test sessions. I feel like we have such a great race plane, and I know that gives the whole team a lot of confidence to build the momentum we need for the first race. I believe this season, specially with the new format, will require even more consistency in every aspect, and that is what we will strive for. Speed and consistency."

Primary Press Contacts:

Pablo C. Branco
Team Coordinator
Mobile: +1 (561) 665-0746

Karin Goulian

Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator

Mobile: +1 (617) 283-2464


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