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Year 1 ‘Waiting’

During the Reveal section in the topic ‘Waiting’, pupils explore Advent, a time of waiting to celebrate Jesus’ coming at Christmas. Within Learning Focus 6 pupils will learn about the meaning of ‘Christingle’.

Using the key question, ‘What ways can we share our love at Christmas?’ as a starting point, adapt activity 3, to make a Christmas card. Inside the card the children need to show ways in which they share love at Christmas. They can choose from or draw their own (recognise) range of Christmas symbols, pictures and simple greetings (religious and secular) which express sharing love. They make their own simple collage of sharing (and showing) their love as Christians at Christmas time inside the card (Level 1).
These pictures will be related to helping the children to recognise (L1) ways of behaving to show love e.g. giving presents, helping to decorate the tree, helping to tidy up at home etc. Again the focus for assessment should be on ‘everyday living’, although reference may be made to the Advent wreath, Advent calendar etc.
To achieve Level 2 pupils will be able to describe some of the things that believers do in their everyday lives to show love.
The move from recognition (L1) to description (L2) implies a more comprehensive knowledge of behaviours. Rather than just being able to recognise some of the things that believers do, pupils will be able to offer a detailed description of their actions.

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