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Year 3 ‘Visitors’

During the Reveal section in the topic ‘Visitors’, pupils explore Advent as the time of waiting for the coming of Jesus. Within Learning Focus 3 the pupils learn about how, during Advent, the Church prepares for the visit of God in the person of Jesus.

Teachers are asked to adapt Learning Focus 3, page 88, Activity 3.

• Using the scripture reading on page 87, ask the pupils to create a set of guidelines describing how Christians might ‘live out’ the messages within the reading as children of the light e.g. explore the opposites of greed, lying, stealing etc - and the opposites of any other behaviours you might not want anyone else to see. These actions indicate what Christians might do to love their neighbour. (Level 2)

To achieve Level 3 pupils can also give reasons for these actions. In Level 3 articulation of the relationship between belief and action is now expected of pupils: pupils will not only say what believers do, they will say why they do them. The obvious reason is that St Paul asks Christians to live like this in Romans 13 in order to live a life pleasing to God, if God was to visit them personally. This in turn is linked to the Advent season where Christians believe that they are asked by the Church to prepare for the coming of Jesus by changing their ways. In a previous lesson they learned how Isaiah brought this same message about preparing for a special visitor.

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