Background Information on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Identity #4 Robert Wagner, Senator

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Identity #4
Robert Wagner, Senator
As both a member of Congress and of the Commission on Fire Safety, you are appalled at the conditions at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. You want to pass strict new laws that will force factory owners to make their factories safer for workers. You think that all factory buildings taller than three stories should have to practice fire drills, they should have to install sprinklers and fire alarms, and that every floor should have a fire escape that is inspected yearly. You want to pass a law that makes it illegal to operate a factory if these conditions aren’t met. If business owners can’t afford to make their places out of business safe, then they should be forced to close down. Workers should not have to come to work in a place that endangers their lives.

Write a letter to the newspaper about the new law that you want to pass.

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