Background Information on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Identity #3 Edward Worth, Fire Battalion Chief

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Identity #3
Edward Worth, Fire Battalion Chief
You arrived on the scene just after the fire started. Unfortunately, the ladders on your fire trucks only reached to the sixth floor. Your horses didn’t reach all the way up to the eighth floor and you had to wait for other fire companies to arrive so that you could attach the hoses together. Your men tried to put out safety nets to catch the women who jumped from the building, but they were going too fast for the nets to stop their fall. What the building needed was a sprinkler system that would spray water on the fire to put it out before it spread. In your opinion, every building that is more than three stories high should have a sprinkler system in it so that the tragedies such as these can be avoided. Also, the fire department should be allowed to inspect factory buildings to ensure that they are safe places to work. There are more than 140 factory buildings in New York right now that are far worse than the Triangle Shirtwaist building; hopefully this fire will open people’s eyes, and something will be done.

Write a letter to the newspaper explaining what you think should be done.

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