Background Information on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Identity #1 Rose Safran, Shirtwaist Factory Worker

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Identity #1
Rose Safran, Shirtwaist Factory Worker
You are Rose Safran and you have worked at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory for more than four years. Many of your best friends were lost in the fire, and you believe it is a tragedy that could have been avoided. If the management at the Triangle Factory had listened to you two years ago, they would have made the factory a safer place to work. You want to tell everyone about the terrible working conditions that your fellow shirt factory workers had to endure. The exits were blocked, the floor was littered with paper and cloth and the aisles were too small for many people to use at once. You that that Mr. Smith, the factory owner should be punished for allowing the women to work in such unsafe conditions that ultimately caused their deaths.
Write a letter to the newspaper telling everyone how you feel about the fire.

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