Ba (Hons) Performing Arts

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BA (Hons) Performing Arts (Bharata Natyam) with Education (Under Review)

1. Objectives
a) To provide opportunities to Diploma holders to acquire further knowledge and competence in the Bharata Natyam classical dance.
b) To equip them to critically analyse issues related to education and dance teaching, and to devise approaches to the teaching of Bharata Natyam Dance in Mauritius.

2. General Entry Requirements

In accordance with University Regulations for admission to undergraduate degree programmes.

3. Programme Requirement
A post A-Level MGI Diploma in the subject.
4. Programme Duration

Normal Maximum

Degree (Part-Time): 3 years 5 years

(6 semesters) (10 semesters)

5. Credits per Semester
Maximum 18 credits, Minimum 6 credits, subject to regulation 4.

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