Ba (Hons) Indian Philosophy

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BA (Hons) Indian Philosophy with Education – GI320 (Under Review)
1. Objectives
a) To provide opportunities to Diploma holders to deepen their knowledge of Indian Philosophy through a systematic exposure to the primary texts and commentaries thereon.
b) To equip students with knowledge and skills necessary for the teaching of the subject.

2. General Entry Requirements

In accordance with University Regulations for admission to undergraduate degree programmes.

A post A-Level MGI Diploma in the subject.

4. Programme Duration

Normal Maximum

Part-time: 3 years 5 years

(6 semesters) (10 semesters)

5. Credits per Semester
Maximum 18 credits, Minimum 6 credits, subject to regulation 4.
6. Minimum Credits Required for Degree Award
The MGI Diploma already accounts for 30 credits.
For the award of the BA (Hons) Indian Philosophy with Education, the student must obtain at least 108 credits, including 30 credits already earned and 66 credits from the core modules.
7. Assessment

  1. A two-hour paper per module will be set at the end of each semester unless otherwise stated.

  1. Marking - 100 marks of which up to 30 can be from continuous assessment, unless otherwise stated.

  1. Continuous assessment can be based on practical work and/or assignment(s) and should include at least one class test.

  1. Modules INPH 1110, INPH 1120, INPH 1230, INPH 1240, INPH 2141, INPH 2151, INPH 2250, INPH 2260, INPH 3130, INPH 3170, INPH 3280 and INPH 3290 will be assessed by continuous assessment (one class test and one short assignment) and a written examination.

  1. Module EDS 2311 will be assessed by continuous assessment (one major assignment).

  1. Module EDS 3120 will be assessed on student’s portfolio including lesson plans, demonstrating reflective teaching.

  1. Modules EDS 3110, EDS 3610, EDS 3640 and EDS 3650 will be assessed by continuous assessment (one assignment) and a written examination.

  1. Module HCIS 1215 will be assessed by continuous assessment, involving one short assignment, one class test/exposé, and one long assignment.

  1. Module MST 2124 will be assessed by continuous assessment (one short assignment and two class tests/exposés) accounting for 30% of the marks and a written examination of two hours accounting for 70% of the marks.

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