B. S. Criminology-Law Enforcement Degree Requirements Catalog Year 2015 Advising Notes: No General Education

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B.S. Criminology-Law Enforcement Degree Requirements

Catalog Year 2015

Advising Notes:

  • No General Education Integration or Multicultural/International course offered by the Department of Criminology may be used to satisfy the General Education requirements for criminology majors

  • CR/NC grading is not permitted in the major, with the exceptions of CRIM 1, 108, 131, 180, 181, and 182

  • Students who wish to be considered for the Criminology Honors Program are advised not to take CRIM 100 or CRIM 170 prior to application to the Honors Program, as there are honors versions of these courses. For further information, please see http://www.fresnostate.edu/socialsciences/criminology/degrees-programs/

Lower-division Requirements 10 Units

CRIM 1 Strategies for Success (1) (Take during first year)

CRIM 2 Administration of Justice (3)

CRIM 20 Criminal Law (3) (Highly rec. CRIM 1)

CRIM 50 Statistics and Computer Applications in CJ (GE B4) (3) (Approved substitutions: (PSYCH 42, PH 92, MATH 11, or DS 73)

Upper-division Requirements 30 Units

CRIM 100 Criminology (3)

CRIM 102 Criminal Justice Organization & Management (3) (CRIM 2 & 20 passed w/ a C grade or better)

CRIM 109 Comparative Systems of Criminal Justice (3) (CRIM 2 passed w/ a C grade or better)

CRIM 112 Professionalism in Criminal Justice (3) (CRIM 2 & 20 passed w/ a C grade or better)

CRIM 113 Forensic Science (3) (CRIM 2 passed w/ C grade or higher)

CRIM 117 Criminal Legal Process (3) (CRIM 20 passed w/ C grade or higher)

CRIM 127 Evidence (3)

CRIM 170 Research Methods (3) (JR Standing; CRIM 50 should be taken prior)

CRIM 174 Ethnic & Gender Issues in Criminal Justice (3)

CRIM 180 Internship in Law Enforcement (3) (CRIM 2, 20, 102, and 112 passed w/ a C grade or better)

**Must complete Pre-Orientation within 1 (one) year of enrolling**


CRIM 108 Directed Policing (3) (Instructor consent required)

Elective Clusters (Choose three (3) from the list below) 9 Units

CRIM 110 Police in America (formerly CRIM 160T) (3)

CRIM 114 Ethics in Forensic Behavioral Sciences (3) (CRIM 2 passed w/ a C grade or Better)

CRIM 120 Juvenile Delinquency (3) (Not open to Freshman)

CRIM 126/WS 126 Women &Violence: Public Policy & the Law (3) (SPRING only)

CRIM 131 Correctional Institution Visitations (1-3) (CR/NC Grading)

CRIM 133 Institutional Corrections (3) (CRIM 2 & 20 passed w/ a C grade or better)

CRIM 134 Criminal Justice Counseling (3)

CRIM 135 Community-Based Counseling (3) (CRIM 2 & 20 passed w/ a C grade or better)

CRIM 136T Topics in Criminology (3)

CRIM 137 Women, Girls and the Criminal Justice System (3)

CRIM 139 Criminal Justice Counseling Skills Practicum (3)

CRIM 140 Family Violence (3)

CRIM 141 Alcohol, Drugs, and Criminality (3)

CRIM 153 Psychology of Crime (3) (Foundation and Area D; Not open to Freshman)

CRIM 154 Forensic Behavioral Sciences** (3) (CRIM 2 passed w/ a C grade or higher) NO SUBSTITUTIONS

CRIM 155 Biology of Criminality** (3) NO SUBSTITUTIONS

CRIM 175 Victimology (3)

CRIM 177 Legal Policy in Victim Services

AFRS 146 Law and the Minority Community (3)

CLAS 116 Cultural Change and the Chicano (3)

PAX 100 Peace and Conflict (3)

PAX 110 Peacebuilding (3) (GE AREA E course)

PAX 120 Mediation (3)

PHIL 121 Ethics of Criminal Justice (3)
Total Units Required in Major 49 units

Total Units Required in General Education 51 units

Electives needed 20 units
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