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Basis Communities – A movement and network of small communities within the Roman Catholic Church. Their aim is the institutional renewal of the Church. The leaders are mostly lay people, who organize church fellowships of members who live their faith, believe in human dignity and have a sense of vocation. Regular meetings, joint prayers, as well as social, charitable and evangelizing activities characterize their communities. Their basic units are small committed groups. They have no hierarchy. The leaders, priests and lay people of both sexes function on an equal basis. The organization is decentralized, the individual groups enjoy a high degree of independence and members can transfer from one group to another and are open to outsiders. The most important Basis groups are the Regnum Marianum, the Bush Movement (Bokor Mozgalom), Charismatic Catholics, Focolare (hearth), Let us live the Word of God movements, and the Taize groups. The Bush Movement started its activities after World War II. Its founder is György (George) Bulányi, a Hungarian Piarist priest, who was condemned to an eight-year prison term in Hungary on the charge of activities dangerous to the State. He differed with church authorities on theological and disciplinary issues. On many issues he took a stand different from that of the Vatican and consequently the Bishops’ Conference suspended his public activities in 1982. The Bush Community called attention to itself by fighting for advocating alternative military service. Many of its members were sent to prison for refusing military service. They represent love of humanity and refusal of violence. Pope Paul VI approved of the Basis Communities in 1975 by saying that they strengthen Christianity in secularized societies. – B: 1042, T: 7390.→Bulányi, György S.P.; Catholic Church in Hungary.

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