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Bartók String Quartet – Hungarian musical ensemble that is one of the world’s most renowned strimg quartets. It was founded in 1957 as the Komlós Quartet by graduates of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music of Budapest, headed by Péter Komlós as first violin. In 1962, the group changed its name to the Bartók String Quartet. Their international career began with a first prize at the 1964 String Quartet Competition in Liège, Belgium. In 1970, on Human Rights Day in New York, the Quartet participated in the Gala Concert in the United Nations’ General Assembly Hall. In 1973, the Quartet gave three concerts at the opening festival of the new Sydney Opera House. Thereafter they performed at festivals all over the world. The six Bartók String Quartets, recorded for the French Erato (EMI) Label were honored by Italian and West German critics with the Grand Prix du Disc. They contributed a large number of recordings for the Hungaroton and Erato Labels of the works of Haydn, Schubert, Mozart, Brahms, Dvorak, De­bussy, as well as Beethoven complete String Quartets. The Quartet, in the opinion of the Financial Times' critic, is ranked among the top 6 best ensembles of the world. They received numerous national and international awards. – B: 1031, 2042, T: 7617.→Bartók Béla; Komlós, Péter.

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