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Bartholomäus Pannonius (Buda, circa 1400 - after 1522) – Humanist writer, poet. He studied at the University of Vienna, where he was also magister. He returned to Buda in 1517. He spent some time in Rome, then returned to Hungary again and settled down in Körmöcbánya (now Kremnica, Slovakia). He joined the followers of Martin Luther. He published two humanistic comedies Comedia Gryllus and Vigilantiae et Torporis Virtute arbitra certamen sometime after 1515. – B: 1152, T: 7456.

Bartis, Ferenc (Francis) (Gyergyószárhegyes, now Lăzarea, Transylvania, Erdély, now in Romania, 4 July 1936 - Budapest, 9 June 2006) – Writer, poet, politician. He completed his studies at the Teachers’ Training College at Marosvásárhely (now Targu-Mures, Romania) (1968) and at the Stefan Georghiu Academy, Bucharest (1975). He was Editor of the Village People (Falvak Népe) Hargita, the New Life (Új Élet), and other newspapers. He was arrested five times and sentenced to prison terms for his anti-dictatorial stand and activities. In 1954 he organized the Pan-Hungarian Association (Összmagyar Testület). He wrote for a long time under the pseudonym Bridge Builders (Hídverők). Altogether he spent ten years in Romanian prisons. At the time of his release he was deaf in one ear and had nineteen broken bones. Stripped of Romanian citizenship in 1984, he moved to Budapest. In 1985 he organized the Transylvanian Peoples’ Democratic Resistance Movement (Erdélyi Népi Demokratikus Ellenállási Mozgalom). It is active in 33 countries with 31 departments under the name of Pan-Hungarian Association (Összmagyar Testület). He wrote 39 books, among them Stubborn Love (Konok szeretet) poems (1970); Cruel Beauty (Kegyetlen szépség) poems (1975); Provision for the Arrivers (Útravaló érkezőknek), poems (1989), The World’s Soul was Stolen (Ellopták a világ lelkét) poems (1988); You Should want to Live in Freedom! (Akarjatok élni szabadon!), poems (1999), and I Have Adopted the Earth - Compass for Hellwalkers (Örökbe fogadtam a Földet iránytű pokoljáróknak), poems (2001). He wrote plays and prose, such as Stones and Grassblades (Kövek és fűszálak) (1980); Apotheosis of the Survivor (A túlélő megdicsőülése) (1996), and some 3000 articles, studies and essays in domestic and foreign publications. He appeared at several international forums and fought for the rights of Hungarian and other minorities in Transylvania (Romania), and for the poor and oppressed of the world. His life-story was twice made into film: Bridge Builders (Hídverők) and Compass for Hellwalkers (Iránytű pokoljáróknak). He lectured as guest speaker at many places, and received honorary citizenship of the City of Budapest and Gyergyó. He is a recipient of 33 awards, among them the Officer’s Cross of Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary. – B: 0874, T: 7103.

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