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Bartalus, István (Stephen) (Bálványosváralja, now Unguras, Romania, 23 November 1821 - Budapest, 9 February 1899) – Folk music researcher, music historian, music critic in Kolozsvár (now Cluj-Napoca, Romania), where he also studied Law, Philosophy, Theology and Music. He was the music tutor at the Wesselényi Castle. From 1848 he was the best-known music educator in Kolozsvár. He went to Budapest in 1851 as a concert performer, and then worked as an educator/instructor in a preparatory school. His career as a composer began in 1858. During the 1860s he conducted historical music research in libraries in Hungary and Austria and he carried out significant folk music research from 1870. In 1873 he started publishing the Universal Collection of Hungarian Folk Songs (Magyar Népdalok Egyetemes Gyüjteménye). In the last two decades of his life he published studies on Hungarian and world music history. His activities in the history of Hungarian musicology are of fundamental importance as are his folk music research activities. – B: 0883, 1257, T: 7684.

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