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Baross, László→Bánkút Wheat

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Baross, László→Bánkút Wheat.

Baróti, Géza (Szabó) (Déva, 22 August 1914 - Biatorbágy, 2 September 1993) – Writer, journalist. His career started at the newspaper Fejér County Diary (Fejér megyei Napló). Later he worked at the papers Evening (Est), Small Newspaper (Kis Újság) and the Interesting Newspaper (Érdekes Újság). He wrote short stories as well. His writings appeared in the magazines Bridge (Híd) and, the New Times (Új Idők). For decades he was a contributor, then chief contributor to the daily Hungarian Nation (Magyar Nemzet). Beside journalism he was successful as a writer, playwright and critic. His major works include Acacia Way (Akácos út) novel (1936); Honorable House (Tisztességes ház) novel (1943); Chinchilla (Csincsilla) novel (1944); Wolf Inside (Benn a farkas) drama (1953); Spring in Siberia (Tavasz Szibériában) travelogue, with J. Randé, (1968); Ecstasy? The Dramas of Alcohol (Mámor? Az alkohol drámái) reports (1969); Home Stories, Reports (Hazai történetek, riportok), with P. Ruffy and A. Kristóf, (1970). There are more than 100 radio-plays to his credit, including the popular Szabó Family (Szabó család); co-writer and author of 10 scripts for musicals, including No. 77 Bastion Promenade (Bástya sétány 77). He was a recipient of the Ferenc Rózsa Prize (1963), the Golden Pen (1963), the Silver Medal of Labor, and the Sándor Pethő Prize (1992). – B: 0877, 1031, 1257, T: 7103.

Baróti, Lajos (Louis) (Kratochfill) (Barót now Baraolt, Romania, 19 August 1914 - Budapest, 23 December 2005) – Soccer player and coach. He was born into a teacher family in Erdély (Transylvania, now in Romania). At 14 he moved with his family to Szeged, where he lived until 1946. He graduated from the Law School of the University of Szeged in 1940. He attended the School of Physical Training, Budapest in 1947 and 1956. He played soccer with the Szeged Footbal Club team in 1928-1948, at the Győr ETO Footbal Club in 1946-1948. He was member of the winning team of the University World Competition in 1935. He was on the National Team twice between 1939 and 1941, and also played on various other teams (e.g. Vasas, Dózsa, Postás). In 1979 he became coach of the Wacker Innsbruck FC (Fußballclub), and from 1980 to 1982, he was coaching the S. L. Benfica of Lisbon. From 1957 to 1966, and from 1975 to 1978, he was coach of the Hungarian National Team. In 1971 and in 1972 he coached the Peruvian National Team. He retired in 1978, and from then on he was Honorary President of the Hungarian Soccer Association. – B: 0874, 1178, T: 7103.

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