B bábi, Tibor

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Barn Stomper – This is the collective name of various Szekler dances. Usually performed solo by young men. Its pace is lively with fanciful stomping movements. It is practised on the right bank of the River Sebes-Kőrös (now Crişul Repede, Romania) from Élesd (now Aleşd, Románia) to Királyhágó (now Bucea, Romania) in Western Transylvania (Erdély, now all in Romania). – B: 1134, T: 7656.→Szeklers.

Báródság – An area in Western Transylvania (Erdély, now in Romania). It is located on the right bank of the River Sebes-Kőrös (now Crişul Repede) from Élesd (now Aleşd) to Királyhágó (now Bucea). Kings of the House of Árpád designated the population of the area to defend the military road through the valley leading to central Transylvania. The people of this region were feudal subjects of the king, their leader having the title of a royal captain. This designation came to an end after 1711. – B: 1134, T: 7656.→Árpád, House of.

Baron – A title from feudal times. The word carries the general meaning of a powerful man. In Low Latin baro means slave or servant. As the feudal system became entrenched in Europe integrating its three essential components (the concepts of land ownership, of hereditary rights and of service), a “baron” became a “man”, on whom a superior relied. He was the superior's man who had taken the oath of allegiance. The feudal system allowed the baron to hold land as a tenant-in-chief of his superior. In Hungary during the 13-15th centuries, church and secular dignitaries were at first known as bannerets, and only later were named barons. From the time of King Mátyás I (Matthias Corvinus) (1458-1490), the more affluent nobles, those who were entitled to a mounted escort, were named barons. Only from the 15th century did the king bestow the title of baron, when it became hereditary. In the period of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (1867-1918), families with an industrial background, among them many Jews, were elevated to this rank. In Hungary the title was bestowed until 1918. – B: 1192, 0942, T: 7103, 7669.→Mátyás I, King.

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