B bábi, Tibor

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Bárdy, György (George) (Budapest, 26 May, 1921 - ) – Actor. He started his career at the Hungarian Theater (Magyar Színház), Budapest in 1945. Thereafter he was a member of the Art Theater (Művész Színház) (1945-1946), and the Comedy Theater (Vígszínház) (1946-1949), the Madách Theater (Madách Színház) (1951-1958), and the National Theater (Nemzeti Színház), Budapest (1958-1959). Later worked as a forester (1959-1962), following which the József Katona Theater (Katona József Színház), Kecskemét (1962-1964) employed him; finally he was again working at the Comedy Theater (Vígszinház), Budapest, (1964). He appeared in most of the classical Hungarian, as well as foreign plays, among them Lucifer in Madách’s The Tragedy of Man (Az ember tragédiája); Max the Knife in Brecht-Weil’s Beggar’s Opera (Koldusopera); the title role in Shakespeare’s Coriolanus; Antonius in Antony and Cleopatra; Oscar Madison in Neil Simon’s Odd Couple (Furcsa pár), and Uncle Ben in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman (Az ügynök halála). He also appeared in several feature films and TV productions, among them Somewhere in Europe (Valahol Európában), and Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde (American production). There is a György Bárdy Prize, established in 2006. He received the Mari Jászai Prize (1958), the Merited Artist title (1983), the Order of the Banner of the Republic of Hungary (1991), the Outstanding Artist title (2000), the Life Achievement Prize (2003), and the Middle Cross of the Order of Merit with the Star of the Republic of Hungary (2006). – B: 0871, 1105, 1445, T: 7684.

Barényi, Béla (Hirtenberg, Austria, 1 March 1907 - Stuttgart, Germany, 28 February 1997) – Engineer, pioneer of automobile safety. He completed his studies at the Viennese Technical School. He designed the famous Volkswagen Beetle passenger car in 1925. However, Porsche was later credited with the invention (1938). Barényi took legal action in 1955, and a German Court and the State Patent Office in Mannheim acknowledged that Barényi had invented the concept and the main components of the Volkswagen Beetle. From 1939 to 1974 he worked for Daimler-Benz, heading the planning department. Among his several inventions was the passive safety idea. Out of his 2500 inventions for the automobile industry, dividing cars into three collision zones was the most significant one (1951). The rigid passenger cell is enclosed by deformable front and rear ends (crumple zones) that absorb the impact of collision. Today, every automobile company in the world manufactures cars based on Barényi's design. Crash tests are also associated with his name. He retired in 1974. Barényi's inventions completely changed the world's automobile production. In recognition of his achievements he was admitted to the Automotive Hall of Fame in 1994. With his ideas he has saved the lives of millions on the roads. – B: 1279, T: 7103.

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