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Bárdossy, László (Ladislas) (Szombathely, 10 December 1890 - Budapest, 10 January 1946) – Politician. After completing his studies at the University of Budapest’s Law Faculty, he worked for the Ministry of Religion and Public Education in 1913. In 1922 he became a civil servant at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and also filled various posts, including counselor at the London Embassy (1930), and Ambassador to Romania (1934). Following the sudden death of Foreign Minister Count Pál (Paul) Csáky, he was appointed to that post on 4 February 1941; he soon became Prime Minister after the tragic death of Count Pál (Paul) Teleki on 3 April 1941. On 27 June 1941, after the bombing of Kassa (now Košice, Slovakia), he announced in Parliament that Hungary declared war on the Soviet Union (a decision not made by him). On 11 December 1941, first he severed diplomatic ties with the USA then, under Italian and German pressure he declared that Hungary was at war with the USA, without the endorsement of Parliament and Regent Miklós Horthy. In January 1942, he contributed to the dispatching of the Hungarian Second Army to the Eastern front that suffered heavy defeat in January 1943. The 1941 Act No. XV, known as the third anti-Jewish law, is tied to his name. He helped arrange the escape of the army officers responsible for the atrocities committed in Újvidék (now Novi Sad, Serbia), triggered by Serb partisan acivities on Hungarian territory. Following the defeat of the Second Hungarian Army at the Eastern front, at the request of Regent Miklós Horthy, he left his office on 7 March 1942. His successor was Miklós (Nicholas) Kállay. Following the war he was condemned to death by the Peoples’ Court and executed. His works include In Defense of the Nation (A Nemzet Védelmében) (1976) – B: 0883, 1031, T: 7103.→Csáky, Count Pál; Teleki, Count Pál; Horthy, Miklós; Kállay, Miklós; Atrocities against Hungarians; Don Bend, Hungarian Military Tragedy.

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