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Bárczay, Gyula (Julius) (Budapest, 12 October 1931 - Therwil, Switzerland, 29 May 2008) – Minister of the Reformed Church, theologian, writer. He attended High School in the Reformed College of Sárospatak, and studied Theology at the local Reformed Theological Academy. After its closure by the Communist regime he transferred to the Reformed Theological Academy, Budapest and graduated in 1955. Following the ill-fated 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight, he went to Basel, Switzerland with a scholarship of the Hungarian Reformed Church. He continued his theological studies in Basel (1957-1958) and Chicago, USA (1959). He obtained the Doctor of Divinity Degree under the guidance of Professor Karl Barth in Basel in 1961. His doctoral dissertation was on Revolution of Morals? Changing Norms of Sexuality as a Problem of Evangelical Ethics (Revolution der Moral? Die Wandlung der Sexualnormen als Frage an die evangelische Ethik). His other books include Eclesia semper reformanda… (1961), and Fates in the Reformed Church 1948-1988 (Sorsok a református egyházban 1948-1988) (1989). In it he traced the tragic fate of individuals of the Reformed faith, of ministers and church-members alike, who were persecuted by the Communist regime. He edited the works of László Ravasz: Selected Writings 1945-1968 (Ravasz László: Válogatott írások 1945-1968) (1988) and László Pap: Ten Years and What Comes Aftert (Tíz év és ami ezután következik) (1992). His articles and studies appeared in German, Hungarian and in English. He was involved in the work of the European Protestant Hungarian Open University (Európai Protestáns Magyar Szabadegyetem) (Basel). Since 1961 he has served the Reformed parishes of Oberwil, Therwil, and Ettingen in Switzerland. He was one of the most important Hungarian Reformed theologians living outside Hungary. – B&T: 7650, 7103.→Reformed Church in Hungary; Reformed Churches in Western Europe.

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