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Buzás, Pál (Paul) (Kolozsvár, now Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 3 March 1939 - ) – Concert pianist in Transylvania (Erdély, now in Romania). He studied at the H. Dirna Music Academy in Kolozsvár (1962). He was resident pianist at the Philharmonic Society, Kolozsvár (1962-1964). He taught piano at the Toduta Music Secondary School, Kolozsvár (1963-1999). Since 1969 he has given piano recitals in major towns in Transylvania and performs abroad as well. He appears on radio and TV and conducts choirs. His articles are being published in the newspaper Kalotaszeg, where he works as deputy editor. His repertoire includes: Piano Pieces of Romania’s Hungarian Composers (Romániai Magyar szerzők zongoraművei); Piano Pieces of Zoltán Kodály (Kodály Zoltán zongoraművei); Adaptation of Kalotaszeg Folk Songs (Kalotaszegi népdal feldolgozások) (1993); Constellations (Csillagzatok) (1993), and the Literature of Kalotaszeg (Kalotaszeg irodalma) series. He is past Vice-President of the Hungarian Association of Musicians in Romania, and a member of the Kalotaszeg Foundation. – B: 1036, T: 7103.→Kodály, Zoltán.

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