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Búza, Barna (Barnaby) (Vésztő, 30 December 1910 - Budapest, 16 October 2010) – Sculptor. He completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest under F. Sidló and I. Szentgyörgyi in 1933. He was in Rome on a scholarship (1935-1936), and took part in the Venice Biennial of 1937. He was a Member of the Hungarian Parliament (1971-1975) and a city-advisor in Baghdad, Iraq (1976-1978). His many-sided plastic art, sculptures and sepulchres as well as his church art works are characterized by a realistic approach, simple, compact forms, smooth surfaces and a varied use of material (wood, marble, bronze, pyrogranite). He created numerous portraits, plastic art for public places, and cemetery monuments. His works include Presidential Palace, Holy Trinity Statue (Elnöki palota, Szentháromság szobor), Budapest; Mounted Kuruc (Kuruc lovas), Kazincbarcika; Ferenc (Francis) Rákóczi, Kisvárda, Berettyóújfalu; Márton (Martin) Luther statue; and János (John) Kálvin statue, which stands at the Calvin Square, Budapest; Main Altars of the Prohászka Church, the Cathedral of Székesfehérvár; Sepulchres of Lajos (Louis) Báros and Hilda Gobbi. Several of his works are housed in the National Gallery in Budapest, and in private collections abroad. He had more than 30 exhibitions of his works at Kecskemét (1957), Kiskunhalas (1967), Gyula (1974), Esztergom (1979), and at the Csepel Gallery (1985). He is one of the last of the Hungarian classical sculptors. He was a recipient of prestigious prizes, among them the István (Stephen) Ferenczy Prize (1934), the Ede (Edward) Balló Prize (1936), the György (George) Zala Medal (1941) and the Nuschloss Medal (1997). A Prize bears his name. – B: 0883, 0879, T: 7456, 7103.

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