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Bütösi, János (John) (Nyírgyulaj, 18 December 1919 - Shelton, CT. USA, 12 July 2010) – Reformed Bishop in the USA. After completing his high school and university education in Hungary, he was ordained in 1943. In 1943-1944, during World War II he served as Assistant Minister in Munkács (now Mukacheve, Ukraine); later he served in the army. Between 1945 and 1947, he was Traveling Minister with the Bethania Alliance; then he went with a scholarship to the United States, where he pursued his postgraduate studies. From 1950, he ministered in several localities. He was Bishop of the Calvin (Hungarian) Synod for twelve years, and past President of the Hungarian Reformed World Federation. Many of his ecclesiastical and sociological studies were published, among them: A Half Century in the Balance (1958). He was also Chief Editor and publisher of several publications of the Reformed Church. He was a key member and leading official of various church and international organizations. After retirement he spent a couple of years lecturing in Hungary. – B: 0906, T: 7682.

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