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Burgenland – The western strip of land in the Kingdom of of Hungary annexed to Austria after the Versailles-Trianon Dictated Peace Treaty in 1920, except the town of Sopron and environs, which remained with Hungary as a result of a referendum. This region is 3,967 km2 with the administrative center of Eisenstadt, formerly Kismarton. – B: 1078, T: 7656.→ Borderland; Gyepü; Lajta-Banat (Bánság); Sopron.

Bustard (Túzok - Otis tarda Lin) – The largest land-bird in Europe and one of Hungary’s famous bird species. It is more than 1 meter long, its wing span is ca. 70 centimeters, the two wings spans sometimes reaching 2.2-2.4 meters; its tail length is 28 cm, and the cock weights 14-16 kg, the smaller hen weighs 6-8 kg. It has some similarity to the turkey, but its body is stockier and the color of its plumage is lighter. Its back is a bright brownish-yellow, while the breast is white. It lives in larger or smaller flocks of various sizes; its behavior is peaceful, its gait is dignified and holds its neck straight. It is difficult to approach it, for it is extraordinarily cautious. While eating, one of them does not graze but is on the lookout, and in case of danger, signals to the others. During rutting time in the mating season, the cock loosens its feathers, turns its wings inside, folds its tail feathers onto its back, looking like a large white ball; bustard rutting is a special spectacle of nature. It scratches a shallow depression for its nest where, at the end of April, the hen lays 2-3 eggs. After four weeks of incubation the chicks hatch, becoming flight-ready at the age of 35-40 days. Its stock has been declining considerably because of intensive farming, destructions caused by World War II, and the hunting of the cock. In ancient times the bustard was the bird of the lowlands from Asia to Spain. Now it is already on the list of endangered species, threatened with extinction. According to the decision of the International Council of Bird Preservation, Hungary is the administrator of the world program of saving the bustard. On the basis of this decision the “Dévaványa Environmental Protection District” was established in 1975, introducing organized bustard rescue. The picture of a bustard is shown on the emblem of the Hungarian Ornithological Society; and more recently it appears also on the emblem of the Hortobágy National Park. – B: 1105, T: 7456.

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