B bábi, Tibor

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Bunyevácz, Zsuzsa (Susan) (Szombathely, 25 May 1955 - ) – Biochemist, historian and writer. In 1978, she completed her higher studies at the Semmelweis Medical University’s Pharmaceutical Faculty, Budapest and received her Ph.D. in 1982. She worked at the same University as a research worker (1980-1985). From 1985 to 1994 she was Assistant Professor at the Biological Faculty of the Berzsenyi Dániel Teachers Training University, Szombathely. She was Managing Director for Intermédia Plusz Kft and Eastergate Agency Ltd. in London (1995-1999). From 1999 on, she was Editor-in-Chief of several papers and a reporter for the Sunday News at the Kossuth Rádió, Budapest. In spite of having a scientific background and practice in the greater part of her life (biophysics, biochemistry), her interests soon directed her toward history and the arts. For a long time, she did not feel ready to make the change in this latter direction but all of a sudden, she changed the course of her life profoundly. The years of study began all over again. She traveled extensively (Africa, the Near East, the Caribbean, etc.). Later, she was able to secure a job in London, England, and moved there with her three children. She learned the language and began to read extensively and visit museums in order to learn as much as possible. Her topics of research were the age of Nimrod, the first kings, the traditions of the Holy Grail, the history of the House of Árpád, etc. She edited the Elixir Magazine for six years, where she introduced a segment for ancient history, in which she wrote articles about ancient symbology and holy places. She has published several scientific articles and studies. Her books include In the Footstpes of Nimród (Nimród nyomában), a report-book in connection with Hungarians; The Message of the Holy Grail (A Szent Grál üzenete), the silenced Hungarian relations, and The Ten Commandments of the New World Order, Or the Theft of the Holy Grail? (Az új világrend tízparancsolata, Avagy a Szent Grál elrablása?). She is interested in current politics and deals with problems of national interest, such as population decline, immigrants, and a national army, both on the radio and in the press. – B: 1935, T: 7690.

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