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Bulcsu (a.k.a. Vérbulcsu) ( - 10 August 955) – He was the son of Kál, and like his father, was third in rank to the Leader (Vezér, or Khagan) and held the military rank of horka. In Byzantine chronicles he is called Bultzus or Bolesodes, and in German sources his name is Pulszi. In 937, at the head of 10,000 mounted warriors, he plundered Austria, the Frankish Kingdom and Rome; then returned home by way of Otranto, in three months covering roughly 3,000 km. In 945, in alliance with a Bavarian prince rebelling against his father the German Emperor Otto, he fought his way through Lotharingia, reached Cambray, and returned home by way of Northern Italy. In 948, together with his partner Tormás, as an emissary to Byzantium where he was baptized, he made a peace treaty with Emperor Constantine VII. In 955 he was invited to Germany a second time in alliance with the rebelling forces of Otto’s son and his father-in-law. The rebels were defeated before his arrival, changed sides and the united German forces entrapped Bulcsu’s troops. Bulcsu, hopelessly outnumbered, fought back and was killed in the ensuing battle at Augsburg. His corpse was hanged next day from the bell tower of Regensburg. His name has been commemorated at his settlement Horka, near the town of Sopron. It was renamed Mártonfalva after World War II. – B: 0883, 1078, T: 3233.→Campaign Era; Brenta Battle; Botond; Augburg Battle; Lehel, Horn of; Lehel Legend.

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