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Bulányi, György Sch.P. (George) (Budapest, 9 January 1919 - Budapest 6 June 2010) – Piarist priest, teacher. During 1936-1938 he completed an Arts course at the Piarist Teachers College, majoring in Hungarian and German; then, during 1938-1943, he took the same course at the University of Budapest. He was ordained priest in 1943 in the Piarist Order. From 1943-1948, he was a teacher in the Piarist high schools of Sátoraljaújhely, Tata and finally Debrecen. From 1948, he became University Pastor in Debrecen. It was here that he began organizing the ”small-fellowship” activity, widely becoming known as ”Bush” (Bokor). This was considered an illegal, anti-state organization by the authorities of the hard-line Communist regime of the Stalinistic era. In 1952 he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was freed in 1956, and served as an auxiliary priest at the Inner City Parish Church, Budapest. He was arrested again in 1958, and released only in 1960. He worked as a transport employee until his retirement in 1979. After that he was preoccupied with writing his ”heretical” work, the Church System (Egyházrend). Then in 1982, an ecclesiastical court condemned his theological tenets and the Episcopacy deprived him of his right to carry on public pastoral activity. His teachings (which included refusal of military service on religious principles) were reviewed by the Theological Congregation of the Holy See; its prefect was Joseph Ratzinger (the present Pope Benedict XVI), who charged him in a letter to withdraw his ”erroneous, dangerous and ambiguous tenets”, that Bulányi put forward in his writing Church System (Egyházrend). In it he was suggesting that the Church of the future could have a structure other than the present one, namely a system built on basic communities or ”small fellowships”, with the amendment that ”one can only obey one’s conscience”. Bulányi finally signed the 12-point papal document with a compromise only in February, 1997. The Hungarian Catholic Episcopacy informed the public of Bulányi’s rehabilitation on 10 September, 1997. His other works include Holy Orders – Is Obedience a Virtue? (Egyházrend – Erény-e az engedelmesség?) (1989); Where shall I Go? (Merre menjek?) (1991); Shall We Inherit the Earth? (Örököljük a Földet?) (1992); Good Friday Letter (Nagypénteki levél) (1993); They Laid Him in the Manger (Jászolba fektették), (1993); The Theology of Saint Paul, vols. i-v (Szent Pál teológiája, I-V) (1995-96), and The Spirituality of a Bush (A Bokor lelkisége) (1995). He received the Pro Humanitate et Libertate Prize (1996) and the Pál Demény Commemorative Medal (1997). – B: 0874, 1031, T: 7456, 7617.→Basis Communities.

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