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Budenz, József (Joseph, Josef) (Rasdorf, Germany, 13 June 1836 - Budapest, 15 April 1892) – Hungarian linguist of German origin. His higher studies were at the Universities of Marburg and Göttingen. His field of research was Greek-Latin Philology, and Indo-European Comparative Linguistics. In 1858, by the invitation of Pál Hunfalvy (Hunsdorfer), he came to Hungary for studying the Hungarian language. For two years he worked as a teacher at the Cistercian High School of Székesfehérvár. He moved to Pest in 1860, and worked as a teacher. In 1861 he became a librarian at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Library. From 1868 he was an honorary lecturer at the University of Budapest, where he became a professor of the Ural-Altaic Linguistic Department (1872-1892). He introduced the hypothesis of the Finn-Ugric (Finno-Ugrian) language relationship, which has never been conclusively proven. He fought a literary battle with Áron Vámbéry over Hungarian-Turkish language relations. He was a member of the Academy of Sciences (corresponding 1861, regular 1871). He was also member a number of learned societies abroad. His many articles appeared in the Linguistic Review (Nyelvtudományi Közlemények). His books include Hungarian-Ugric Comparative Dictionary (Magyar-ugor összehasonlitó szótár) (1871-1881) and Comparative Morphology of the Ugric Languages (Az ugor nyelvek összehsonltó alaktana) (1884- 1894), edited by Zs. Simonyi. A school in Budapest bears his name and there is a memorial tablet featuring him on the wall of University of Szeged. – B: 0883, 1031, T: 7103.→Sajnovics, János; Hunfalvy, Pál; Vámbéry, Áron; Finnish - Hungarian Language Relation; Tarih-i Üngürüsz.

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