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Budavár, Recapture of – On 18 June 1686, the army of the Holy League consisting of volunteers from all over Europe, led by Charles of Lotharingia, began the siege of the Fortress of Buda. Some 65,000 were engaged in the attack, 15,000 of them Hungarians. Although this was a small portion of the attacking troops, the majority of the cavalry were Hungarian Hussars, who had a decisive role in the defeat of the Turkish troops when they arrived to liberate the fortress. Among the Hungarian commanders were Miklós (Nicholas) Bercsényi, János (John) Bottyán, János (John) Fiáth and Dávid Petneházy. 10,000 Turks defended the fort under the command of Arnót Abdurraman. Three attacks were launched against the fortress, the last occurring at 6 am on 2 September; by 7 pm the fortress was liberated from 145 years of Turkish rule. This event was also an important turning point in the Ottoman-Turkish rule of Central Europe. – B: 1218, T: 7668.→Bercsényi, Count Miklós; Bottyán, János; Fiáth János; Marsigli, Count Luigi Ferdinando; Lothringen, Prinz Karl Leopold von; Savoyenor, von Eugen; Sobieski III, John; Thököly, Prince Imre; Esztergom; Reconquest of Buda, in 1686; Petneházy, Dávid.

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