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Budapest Glossary – This is a renowned literary record from the 15th century. Marginal and interlinear notes explain the Latin text and phrases. It does not provide a coherent text; but the size of the work is relatively large and is therefore significant. There are many rare and archaic words and word forms in the notes. – B: 1141, T: 7659.

Budapest, Peace Treaty – Peace Treaty between the United States of America and Hungary, signed on 31 August 1921. The Hungarian Government enacted this as No. XLVIII/1921. The rationale was that the United States had not recognized the Versailles-Trianon Peace Treaty of 1920. In this new agreement Hungary secured for itself the same rights as allocated to the Allies and their coalitions. The United States of America did not guarantee the new state borders created by the Versaille-Trianon Treaty; but in 1947 they subsequently gave recognition to its decisions in the Paris Peace Treaty. – B: 1078, T: 7668.→Trianon Peace Treaty; Paris Peace Treaty.

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