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Budai, László (Leslie) (Bednarik, Budai II, nickname: humped) (Budapest, 19 July 1928 - Budapest 2 July 1983) – Soccer-player and coach. Budai started his career on the Huttler team, and moved to Ferencváros TC, later to the Honvéd Army team and the National Team, and played as a midfielder and forward. During the 1950s, he was a member of the legendary Hungarian national team known as the Golden Team. He was a winger with Sándor (Alexander) Kocsis. During his career, Budai won four Hungarian League titles. The first of these came at the Ferencváros TC in 1949. During the Communist regime he was conscripted into the Army Team, the Honvéd, together with Czibor and Kocsis. While at Honvéd, Budai won a further three league titles and the Mitropa Cup. As one of the Golden Team, he helped Hungary become Olympic Champion in 1952 and Central European Champion in 1953. He also played on the Hungary side that defeated England 6-3 at Wembley Stadium in London. During the 1954 FIFA World Cup, he played in the group stage. However, he was dropped for the final. After his retirement, he was coach of the Army’ Football Division. The Stadium of Rákospalota, REAC, was named after him. – 1031, 1105, T: 7103.→Kocsis, Sándor; Czibor, Zoltán; Golden Team.

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