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Budai, Gergely (Gregory) (Dunavecse, 3 March 1887 - Budapest 8 January 1974) – Minister of the Reformed Church, theologian, writer. He completed his high school studies at Kunszentmiklós and Csurgó (1897-1905). He studied theology at the Reformed Theological Academy, Budapest (1905-1909). He was an assistant minister and teacher of religion in Szolnok (1909-1911) and Budapest (1911-1918), then Director of Religious Education, Budapest (1918-1935). In the meantime he read Philosophy, Classical Philology, Pedagogy and Linguistics at the Univertsity of Budapest (1917-1924), and obtained a Ph.D.in Education. He was Lecturer, then Professor of New Testament Sciences at the Reformed Theological Academy of Budapest (1935-1954). He edited the Reformed Church Library series. His major works include Why and How do We Study the Bible? (Miért és hogyan tanulmányozzuk a Bibliát?) (1925); Principle of Practical Theology in the New Testament (A gyakorlati theológia alapelve az Újtestamentomban) (1925); Our Religion (A mi vallásunk) (1927); Main Rules of the New Testament’s Hermeneutics (Az újtestamentomi hermeneutika főbb szabályai) (1941), and The New Testament, a Complete Translation from the Greek Original (Az Új Testamentum, Görögből magyarra forditva) (1969). He was appreciated mainly for the education of generations of ministers. – B: 0910, T: 7103.

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