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Budai, Ézsaiás (Isaiah) (Pér, 1 May 1796 - Debrecen, 14 July 1841) – Bishop of the Reformed Church, historian, classical philologist. He was educated at the Reformed College of Debrecen; later, between 1792-1794, studied in Göttingen, Germany, Oxford, England, and Holland. He became a professor at the Reformed College of Debrecen in 1794. He was much respected for his great knowledge and high intelligence. He fought

for the use of the Hungarian language in education that became compulsory in 1797. He wrote a number of books, among them his main work, the Common History (Közönséges história) (1800-1808); History of the Old Knowledgeable World (A régi tudós világ históriája) (1802), and History of Hungary vols. i,ii,iii (Magyarország históriája I,II,III). In it he used all sources available to him; it is regarded to be the first scientific Hungarian history handbook, and Budai as the vanguard of Hungarian classical philology. He was consecrated bishop in 1822. The poet Mihály (Michael) Csokonai Vitéz was among his students. – B: 0883, 1031, T: 7103.→Csokonai Vitéz, Mihály; Budai, Ferenc; Uri, János.

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