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Buda, reconquest of, in 1686

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Buda, reconquest of, in 1686Reconquest of Buda in 1686.

Buda Synods – (1) On 14 September 1279, the last day of the Council, Fülöp (Philip), the papal legate announced its decisions. They were to control the actions of the clergy, determine their morality, the clothes they wore, the scope of their authority, and to forbid the clergy’s participation in ordeals. It prohibited the people to dance in churches and cemeteries. By the goodwill of Christians, the Jews living peaceably among them had to wear a red circle on their left breast, while the Ishmaelits and the Saracens had to sew a yellow circle onto their clothing for identification. It also controlled their participation in tax and customs cases.

(2) The General Synod of the Reformed Church was held from 10-13 September 1791. The Diet, by Act XXVI of 1790/1791, after decades of persecution, declared the freedom of religion for the Protestant Churches, although still with some restrictions. In this new situation the Synod’s task was to define the church’s form of government and worship. – B: 0942, T: 7668.→Jews in Hungary.

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