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Buda, Medieval Painters from

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Buda, Medieval Painters from – Several documents contain the names of artists from Buda, who worked under Magister H. (Henricus) with the title “Pictor Domini Nostri Regii”. Two tombs dating from the middle of the 14th century and from 1370 are known to be the graves of painters Ábel and János (Abel and John). Other documents make reference to a master Miklós (Nicholas) Meggyesi, who lived at the Royal Court of King Lajos I (Louis the Great, 1342-1382). At the time of King Zsigmond’ reign (Sigismund of Luxembourg, 1387-1437) painter Bertalan (Bartholomew) was living in his own house in Buda. There is documentation that in 1424 a painter from Buda painted the portrait of Prince Erik of Denmark. – B: 1185, T: 7653.→Lajos I, King; Zsigmond, King;

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