B bábi, Tibor

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Buda, Béla (Budapest, 2 April 1939 - ) – Physician, psychiater. He attended the Medical Faculty of the University of Budapest. He worked at the Psychotherapy Center and also at the National Neuropathological-Psychiatrical Institute, both in Budapest. He was Editor for the Medical Weekly (Orvosi hetilap) for 25 years; Editor-in-Chief for the Psychiatria Hungarica 1986-1996, the Psychoterapy (Pszichoterápia) from 1992, and the Addict Illnesses (Szenvedélybetegségek,) from 1993. He was Scientific Director of the National Drug-Preventive and Methodological Research Institute (Nemzeti drug–megelőzési és módszertani kutatóintézet) and Vice-President of the Hungarian Psychiatric Society. He is a regular lecturer at international conferences. His fields of research are mental hygiene, psychotherapy and social psychology. His works include The Modern Theory of Sexuality (A szexualitás modern elmélete) (1972); The Rules of Intimate Human Communication (A közvetlen emberi kommunikáció szabályszerűségei) (1974); The Psychology of Empathy (Empátia, a beleélés lélektana) (1993); The Socio-psychology of Personality Development and Education (A személyiségfejlődés és nevelés szociálpsichológiája) (1994), and Mental Hygiene (Mentálhigiéna) (2000). He is one of the best-known psychiatrists in Hungary. He is a recipient of the Soros Prize (2001). – B: 0879, T: 7456, 7103.

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