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Bucharest, Secret Agreement of

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Bucharest, Secret Agreement of (17 August 1916) – For the first two years of World War I, Romania did not join any of the belligerent parties, but waited cautiously for the right opportunity. During these years the Central Powers were leading militarily on all fronts. The war was then being waged on Entente territory and the Allied Powers tried to win the confidence of the Romanians. The Russians promised them all of Transylvania (Erdély), as well as the Hungarian Great Plain (Nagy Alföld) as far as the River Tisza, if they would join forces. Although Romania’s king was not practicing pro-Russian politics, the victorious Bruszilov offensive helped him to decide. In a secret agreement concluded in Bucharest, the Allied Powers promised him Transylvania, the Bánság, and Voivodina, with a large portion of the Great Plain of Hungary, if Romania would enter the war on their side. Romania was to pay France the 20-year revenue of the three richest gold mines of Transylvanian. On 27 August 1916, they declared war on the Central Powers, and a half-million Romanian troops attacked the undefended borders of Transylvania and occupied its southern section. In the fall of 1916, the Central Forces drove the Romanians out and a German force, led by General Mackensen, occupied Bucharest on 6 December. This forced the Romanians to make a special peace treaty with the Central Powers on 7 May 1918. Although the Romanians broke article 5 of the Secret Agreement not to enter into any special agreement, as the result of the Versailles-Trianon Peace Treaty in 1920, they annexed the territories defined in the Bucharest Secret Agreement occupied illegally well before the Peace Treaty. – B: 1212, 1020, T: 7668.→Bucharest Peace Treaty.

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